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7-31-2014 - Wallamina wants a close up!

Straight from the far reaches of Seattles come Wilhelmina the wonder bunny!
She's a great bunny! What makes her the wonder bunny?
How CHILL she is with other bunnies. This is a great trait for any bunny to have because bunnies always do better in pairs!!
Wilhelmina is scheduled to be spayed on August 25th. We are taking applications for her adoption. She will need fourteen full days to recover after the surgery before she can leave our care to a new home.


2016 - Wilhelmina was bonded with an earless lop named Maynard. Their romance was short but loving as Maynard unexpexpectedly crossed the bridge. The new owner tried and failed many times to bond her with a new male and it has not worked out. So she is queen of half of the house, while her final failed mate, a Flemish Giant named George rules the other half. He has a new partner, a very old lady bun named Panda. We wish them all the best!
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