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The OPHS Trio

These three bunnies came to us as babies from the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society.

Avery is still available for adoption!

Avery is bonded with Beethoven. She can only be adopted with him.

Onyx is homed at our rescue, Zorro is homed with Elaine

The three siblings as babies...
When they were tiny....

Avery, Audrey and Rory
5/24/20013 - Avery, Onyx and Zorro.
2 bucks and a doe make a hoppy family!

These active, little babies were surrendered to us by the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society on 5/22/2013. They were not able to properly care for them at the time. We've sexed them, guarded, them fostered them. Candice has been an indispensible friends and ally! Thank you much! Due to her guardianship, these fellas matured into some awfully big bunnies full of love and here they are!

Originally we thought we had 2 females and one male. So it was Avery, Aubrey (Onyx) and Rory (Zorro). We were wrong, Onyx became one big, beautiful buck!

6/9/2013 - The Triplets Relax
Avery is on the left, Onyx is in the middle and Zorro is on the far right.
Even still today we can tell them apart when no one else can!!!!

Onyx - Homed at the Rescue now...


Onyx has had experience with calm dogs. Onyx is the most timid of the three siblings, but he's full of energy and curiosity. His ears are very emotional, he'll relax right under you if you pet him. He likes treets and tends to taste things with his teeth, so a bunny proof house is a must!

Avery - Available for adoption!


Avery is a super curious bunny that loves to explore and isn't afraid of cats. None of the three siblings have been known to bite or scratch. Avery has experience with toddlers and has had completely free roaming in her foster home, and scored with flying colors for olnly pooping and peeing in her cage. She loves to have her body petted, but the three siblings aren't too fond of having their nose petted. Avery somewhat likes her nose petted but if she backs away from you, try her body.

Rory has been renamed Zorro!
Adopted by Elaine Miyabara!


Zorro is a spunky, young bunny that's not quite as fearless as Avery but he likes to get around and see things.
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