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Resq comes home after being abandoned on 4/11/2012

Please visit our links page if you need to surrender your bunny to one of our many shelters!
Rabbits Tips!

Rabbits are super cute animals that are easy to take care of and fun to have around. That being said "easy" doesn't mean "no maintenence" and "no cost." They're frequently misunderstood and as many animals, are poorly taken care of as a group. They're frequently abandoned, housed in enclosures that have wire bottoms that are too small and are just fed improperly.

If you plan to own a rabbit, let us help teach you some things!

     Indoor bunnies are healthier and hoppier. Outdoor bunnies frequently wind up ignored, unloved and unhelped when they fall visibly ill. They are very much like cats and dogs in their capacity to think, feel, recognize you, love you and even play with you. So when I keep repeating you will have a love that lasts 7 to 10 years I'm not pulling your leg. Do not think of these as farm animals that should be outside and you willl have made a huge leap. Trust me, with daily cage cleaning the smell is negligible, but the love is priceless.

     If you find that you can't handle being a responsible bunny owner, end your responsibility, responsibly. Always seek out a humane society or rescue society near you. We are numerous. We are legion. We will get your animals into a good home and they will continue to enjoy life! Type "humane society YOURCITY" into any search engine and you can find who is near you. And the House Rabbit Society website has a links page to help you find rabbit specific help. Please, PLEASE don't abandon your bunny or any domesticated animal! It's cruel and your rabbit will most likely die from lack of food and water, or be killed by a predator.

For the best info on how to take care of a house rabbit, please visit the House Rabbit Society website! Above all I will stress though:
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