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Adopted by Candice
Thugsy aka Peter Cottontail - A cute black bunny, un-neutered, two years old. Litter trained. Backyard play experienced. Compelte house bunny, comes from a voluntary surrender and a knowledgeable, loving home. We found him a new home with Candice, and took him to Northwest Spay & Neuter Center for his operation.

On 4/22/2013 we picked him up from his former guardian Liz Gloss, who checks in on his healthy regularly even though he's been adopted out! That's love!

6/22/2013 - Two months later Thugsy was sharing his roost with the three black siblings from the Humane Society. They were in his room, he had quite a bit of company!

8/16/2013 - Months later he is well adjusted and happy in his new home! Peter is one of our early success stories.


Peter Thugsy as he is now called, has a new parner named Jasper Naveed, and he is now a permanent resident of North Olympic Rabbit Rescue.