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Resq And Olivia
Resq Rabbitz & Olivia Lapine - 10/01/2012
Olivia was Resq's first bunny friend since having been separated from his birth litter for two years. They loved each other and lived together from August 7th to December 3rd of 2012. Olivia has passed on but is missed and will be remembered. Resq lives and loves on!
a new hoppy couple
Since the passing of Olivia Lapin,
Resq Rabbitz has been paired with Lakrize London
on 12/17/2012 with the help of
Rescue Every Dog

Resq Rabbitz
8/3/2012 - Resq contemplates the meaning of carrots... or perhaps he's just staring at his companion human wondering why he's acting like a nut!

Resq rabbitz - On 4/11/2012 Resq Rabbitz was rescued, and Brandon Montoya founded North Olympic Rabbit Rescue together with him as our RESCUE MASCOT

He's a highly energetic, broken black American Mini Lop about six pounds heavy and loads of fun. He loves hopping up to high places, kale, yoggies! yogurt treats and having his back rubbed. He stops whatever he is doing to chatter his teeth and groom anything and anyone within reach when you rub his back, it's adorable.

Resq Rabbitz
Resq Rabbitz

His previous owners left him in their yard when they moved, I heard of it an immediately recovered him. He was losing hair and covered with scurf when I found him, and couldn't put up a healthy fight or flight from me. After a few days he was no longer scared of me at all, and since have adopted him into my family, fixed him and found a loving mate for him.

Resq Rabbitz
4/11/2012 - Scared in the back of my car but well fed and watered, Resq is unsure of me and what's going on. He had been living with one family for two years and all of the sudden they were gone and he couldn't even get back into his hutch for shelter.
Resq Rabbitz
4/11/2012 - Resq is like "I don't know and I'm not moving!"
Resq enjoyed a McDonald's salad while he was waiting to go to his new home with me. He was scared at first, but didn't bite or scratch.

Resq Rabbitz
4/11/2012 - He spent the first night in a cat carrier...

Resq Rabbitz
5/17/2012 - Nearly a month later Resq was living in an extra large dog kennel, protected by puppy fencing to protect him from our family dog who had still not accepted him yet. His cage had some improvised decorations while I tried to work on covering his bills and other things that were going on at the time. This cage was in the restroom while I tried to figure out what to do there. I socialized with him three times a day and he came to me when I entered. Since he was not neutered he also tried to love me in other ways a lot to <_<;;;

Resq Rabbitz

Dog kennels make great cages if you get one with a solid bottom! It was ten square feet with plenty of room for toys and sprawl out room. Currently it serves as a back up shelter for foster care.

8/11/2012 CUTENESS!

Resq is sleeping
10/13/2012 - Resq has a cute nap

Resq is king
11/5/2012 Resq is king!

Lakritze & Resq
12/17/2012 - Resq is paired with Lakritze London!
Lakritze And Resq

Resq loves Cilantro
12/19/2012 - Resq loves cilantro!

Resq chatters his teeth
12/20/2012 - Resq chatters his teeth with a back massage. Teeth chatter can indicate pleasure or pain it's up to the human to listen to an interpret their bunny sounds to become better partners with their rabbit.

1/14/2013 - Resq flops over, totally relaxed. Bunnies do this when they're exremely happy, if you see one do it, CONGRATS! You're an awesome bunny owner.

Resq on his cardboard playhouse
1/18/2013 - Resq grooms himself on top of a cardboard playhouse he had a tthe time. Did you know cardboard boxes make great, free toys for rabbits? Experiment and have fun with your animal!

4/12/2012 - Resq Rabbitz second day in my house
4/14/2012 - His third day in my house - with yogi treats!
4/18/2012 - Resq has some premium.... junk food. I didn't know it at the time but rabbit food with bananas and cereals is bad as a regular food. Looks great, but it isn't.
7/10/2012 - Resq is coming back from his neuter job - Video 1 - Video 2
7/11/2012 - You can see this video of Resq checking out the first part of the enclosure (back half) after he was neutered.
8/4/2012 - Resq binkies and hops up on the bed...
9/3/2012 - Resq and Olivia get along fine, early on though he was focused on mounting her and sometimes... didn't do it right.

12/3/2012 - The passing of Olivia Lapin. (marker no video)

12/4/2012 - A bunny daydream! A day after Olivia passed Resq had a deep sleep near me where I could see him twitch as if he was running. As many companion humans wonder when they have a couple of which one passes... was Olivia coming to say goodbye in his sleep? Perhaps.
12/20/2012 - Resq tries to become a lap bunny!
12/11/2012 - Resq eats a cecotrope

12/17/2012 - Enter Lakritze London!
12/17/2012 - Lakritze's homecoming part 1 (part 2 hidden) part 3 - Resq was very, VERY excited to see two new women in his home!
12/18/2012 - Getting Lakritze so happy she kisses Resq
12/19/2012 - Bunny playtime
12/20/2012 - Resq kisses Kristina
12/21/2012 - Rabbit fight --- several hours later - This set of videos requires an explanation. Rabbit fights can be anywhere from fatal to scarring for rabbits on other rabbits... no kidding. Rabbit fights are not to be enjoyed but to be stopped... a small squabble is to be expected now and then, Resq and Olivia fought a little bit at first. So these two rabbits having three fights during this time period isn't good... but they had their segregation time and seem to be over it. Lakritze wanted to assert dominance over Resq and even mount him, he wasn't having it.

In this video we are watching Disney's version of the Christmas Carol, Resq is out and looking for attention. (3/18/2013) You can't hear him chatter his teeth in this video but you can see it, and see how much he loves the attention that makes him chatter his teeth to begin with. Not all bunnies do it, and not all things are pleasing to all bunnies. An earlier video from the same night.

(More videos on Lakritze's page)

Bunny Condo

Resq lives in this 27 1/2 square foot bunny condo beside my bed. He is happy there.

enclosure bottomenclosure bottom
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