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Can we help you surrender a rabbit? If you wish to surrender a rabbit, please visit our Washington State Rabbit Rescue Links page and place a phone call to the shelter nearest you. These are primary rescue facilities that are well equipped to handle your animal companion and bring them back to new owners. We are a support organization, we do house and care for rabbits but we cannot care for as many as the professional rescue organization we have listed there. We do provide transportation services for rabbits en route to a shelter or foster that has okayed their delivery. We also offer this same service to just about any pray animal in Jefferson or Clallam County being offered for free on the internet. Mice, ducks, cats, we'll help when we can. But please contact these organizations first before you contact us.

The primary facilities for surrendering / adopting rabbits in Clallam and Jefferson Counties would be:

Center Valley Animal Rescue
Located in Quilcene, Washington. CVAR is run by a very talented staff and they have a crazy variety of domesticated and wild animals! Rescue me

The Olympic Peninsula Humane Society
the main shelter for Forks, Sequim and areas inbetween. They are located in Port Angeles and serve over a thousand animals each year, including a small handful of rabbits that come through. We adopted Olivia Lapin through them. Rescue members are encouraged to volunteer and donate.

Rescue Every Dog
R.E.D. is a non profit group that helps out more than dogs! They sweep from Seattle on outward and cover a wide ground! We adopted Lakritze London from them. Rescue members are encouraged to volunteer and donate.

  • We are not accepting new animals
  • Please contact us for help anyway
If you are outside our normal service area, please check our list of rescues in Washington state to help you. We are not completely against travelling way out to some place we've never been if that's the only way to save a life, but it's expensive and we try to avoid that.
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