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Our permanent residents!
These animals live in our hearts and homes.

Resq Rabbitz
Resq Rabbitz relaxing at home 8/3/2012

Resq Rabbitz
Click here for his page.
An abandoned bunny rescued on April 11th, 2012
He was Olivia Lapin's bonded mate, and is now being bonded with Lakritze London.
A song for Resq - Resq Rabbitz And The Archipelagos Of Sandy Lagos

Lakritze London
Lakritze London - Pre-adoption 2012
A R.E.D. picture

Lakritze London

Click here for her page.
A pure breed, standard, rex rabbit doe brought to us by Rescue Every Dog on 12/17/2012.
12/21/2012 - Two songs dedicated to Lakritze's homecoming, "Pathfinder" and "London Is Calling (Lakritze Remix)."



Part of the trio of bunnies we received from OPHS.
His page is here. (coming soon)

Atreyu Longview
2012 -11-11 Atreyu is shown here at Brandy's house days before coming to his new, permanent home.

1/6/2013 - Atreyu, really, really, REALLY wants to be a lap dog!!!!

Atreyu Longview
On 11/19/2012 Atreyu came to us through our best friends Brandy and Lemont. Atreyu's former owners had been living with these two people after a long bout of being homeless. They were not bad people and did not abuse Atreyu, but the had drug addiction issues that were causing them massive problems. Eventually they left the dog and moved on, we took over and he's our gigantic baby now.

He even likes bunnies, how awesome is that?

11/20/2012 - Atreyu comes home and he doesn't mind the bunnies at all!

3/5/2013 - Jasper relaxes in his old cage before being moved to his new one.

Jasper Naveed
Click here for his page.
A mixed breed bunny voluntarily surrendered to our family by Angie Huckstep on 2/5/2013. It was a very loving, knowledgeable home that gave him plenty of love. He's been a learning experience of dealing with a "my way or the highway" attitude bunny, but investing time in him has proven worth it. He loves his people and loves his attention. He's a joy to have around...

2013. Jasper is bonded with Saiorse but she passes way two years later.

Two Chillin

He is now bonded with Peter Thugsy.

Thugsy - Al Capone of carrots
Has been bonded with Jasper Naveed and become a permanent resident!

Kalliope (Kallie) on 11/4/2012
This is at her former home with the animal abuser.

6/26/2013 - This is Kallie at her new forever home, at this point she had been spayed and adjusting to living with a new person and new animals.

8/23/2013 - Kallie gets into some mischief with a trash bag.

8/29/2013 - Kallie interacts with Butters, a bunny rescued from the streets of Sequim.

Kalliope Anna (Kallie)
Click here for her page. (not available yet)
Kalliope's former owner was a mild animal abuser who only purchased this kitten to make a girlfriend of hers happy. When the relationship ended, the owner attempted to abandon the cat and we picked her up, giving her a permanent home. We got her spayed almost immediately, and she is at home and in love with us and all of our rabbits. She will lay down in their cage, mostly ignore them... and every once in a while... she tries to steal a carrot.


A water loving, Maine Coon cat. He is super mellow, loves animals including rabbits and prefers men.

The Rainbow Bridge

Sadly there comes a time when all companion animals must part from their companion humans

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