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Cheeto, Speckles & Moo
Cheeto (The orange one is no longer available)
We are updating our photo galleries please hold on.

Speckles & Moo (Duo)

Moo is the black and white one.
And Speckles is the multi-color.

They are two spayed sisters that are fully bonded and fully loaded with excitement and fun! They would love to spruce up your house!!

Our adoption process in a nutshell : Visit OlympicRabbit.Org to fill out our application. The adoption fee is $60 per animal. For a duo like this, it is $120 total. House inspection required first.

This is their Petfinder Profile!

Mocha Bean
Mocha Bean

Mother of a litler of mixed breed lionheads that are individually available.

Mocha Bean, Lionhead mix – Dumped in Everett, and the day of capture had 4 babies. Mocha is about a year old and recently spayed. She is super sweet, loving, adorable and loves to be hugged. She is on the small side, about 4 pounds and is in the process of getting her new coat after having her babies.

Adoption process in simple form : Application, home inspection, $60 fee.

Start the process by contacting us

This is her
PetFinder Profile

Coco Puff
Has found a home in the Seattle area!
Lionhead mix – neutered, ready for adoption. Cocoa Puff is super sweet, pettable and huggable, has a full beard and Mohawk like his brother, Count Chocula. Cocoa is about a year old, small, about 4 pounds.

Adoption process in simple form : Application, home inspection, $60 fee.

Start the process by contacting us.

Here is his PetFinder Profile!

Maximus Freude Hupfen
Just found a home!

Twizzler just found a home! She is now "Twiz"

Shyla Carrot
Shyla Carrot
Shyla has been renamed Charlie by his new family. Originally they were fosters, but they decided to keep him!

Thugsy - Al Capone of carrots
Has been bonded with Jasper Naveed and become a permanent resident!
Jasper And Thugsy

OPHS found Storm a home, yay!
For a time we fostered Storm and brought him to NORR events at local retail stores.

Luna Paz the feisty one
found a home thanks to Special Bunny! Yay!


Wilhelmina the Californian

A sweet, standard sized bunny.
She is scheduled to be spayed on the 25th of August we are taking applications for her adoption.
Here is her page.

Luna Paz

Summer Rain


A very curious lady, full of energy and spunk! She returns to us due to no fault of her own. She is house trained, and spayed.
Here is his page.

Hokus Pokus

Hokus Pokus

A five year old, super friendly lop! Loves people, other bunnies and is comfortable around dogs. Spent his first five years outdoors next to a guinea pig friend whom he loved. His friend died, so his owner wished that he have a partner. He will only go to a house where he will have a friend.

8/10/2014 -  Hokus Pokus found a wife in Beatrix Hopper, a special needs bunny in Seattle!
Read more here : Hokus Pokus & Beatrix's page


Marvin The Himalayan

A four year old, neutered sweet thing with tons of love to share!
Here is his page. There is a pending adoption for this young man, he has been removed from the adoptable page.

ELMO! The funny bunny!

Elmo doesn't giggle if you tickle him, though he might stomp and look at you funny. He likes to run and play, though he's a little shy of new people at first. He's got loads of personalty, he's a little smaller than 'standard' size at about 6 pounds. He's in Elaine's care!

8-4-2014 - Elmo has found a home in a sweet spot in Port Townsend!

Here is his adoption page.
Charles Xavier - Transferred
Male bunny with a fractured back

Charles Xavier

Charles was a rabbit with a fractured spine. He was transferred to Special Bunny, more details here!


Baby Boo Boo & Charlotte

Charlotte was adopted by her foster and lived a fulfilling life.
We'll replace this photo later. 4/15/2016

Adopted by Brandi Shepherd


A twice abandoned stray who needed a special home. Details here.

Renee Blackwater

Abandoned, rescued by a family and cared for before surrender to us for adoption.

Adopted by the LaCour family with Butters (below)

Renamed "Renee Willow" by her new family

Details here.

Renee Blackwater

Butters Worth

Abandoned on the streets of Sequim. Doesn't like men at  all.

Adopted by the LaCour family (above with Renee)

Renamed to "Wilfred Rex" by his new family

Details here.


Saoirse Isealt
Adopted by Kristina


Saorise was rescued from Port Townsend.
This senior bunny was bonded with one of our permanent residents and lived a happy life before passing away from natural causes.

Details here.

Alice (now Cali)
Adopted by James

10/15/2013 - Alice is held to the camera for a picture. Full of energy, she just wouldn't sit still!

10/13/2013 - Alice was abandoned in the Sequim Safeway parking lot by unknown persons who are probably on Santa Claus' naughty list. She was so dark, that it was a miracle for her that a young man by the name of Cain noticed her trying to hide underneath a car tire! Kristina Rice brought her in with his help. Had we not interviened, she'd probably be dead.

Alice the kitten was adopted by James who will handler her vet care and provide her a permanent forever home. James is an awesome animal person. James has since renamed her Cali.

Emma was found on 10/15/2013 in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Due to some very diligent people and the Sequim Gazette, we found her own and reunited them both within 24 hours! Emma's owner donated to our cause, which was not required but we appreciate!

"Howard" The Duck
On August 14th, Kristina Rice and Brandon Montoya were enjoying a company barbeque when Brandon heard a little girl from a nearby party say "mommy, mommy, there's something wrong with the duck." Turning around he saw a very long dart sticking out of the neck of a duck, going about it's daily business. Wasting no time he cornered the duck with the help of the children of the party and two of their guardians who helped form a circle and distract the duck with some bread crumbs.

Kristina Rice endured being pooped on by a duck, and having to endure a long ride home to shower and change clothes. Sometimes rescue work requires this, and she was a trooper that day!

Knowing nothing about ducks we simply called her "Howard" out of humor, and later found out that she was indeed a she. This lucky duck was brought back to healthy by a combination of care provided by Greywolf Veterinary Hospital and Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center.

Without Greywolf's offer of wildlife rehabilitation to injured and sick wildlife, this rescue could not have been started properly. Big thanks to the Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center for finishing her rehabilitation and reintroduction to the wild.

7/25/20013 "Dart Attack Injures 3 Ducks" A report on the animal we saved before we got to her
8/29/2013 "Howard The Duck Recovering Quite Nicely" a feature article in the Sequim Gazette, we are mentioned!

This is unfortunatley is a string of crimes against local wildlife. Here's another article on a similar incident.

Bubba (Now Boo)
Adopted by Elaine

Boo (Bubba) - details here

Montreal Longview, R.I.P.
old man montreal is full of love
Rescue-Purchased on 6/17/2013
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 1/16/2014
Please read more about him here.

4/25/2013 - Thugsy chills outside
Thugsy aka Peter Cottontail - Details here
Adopted by Candice
Later returned to NORR.
Now a bonded permanent resident with Jasper Naveed.

Jasper Naveed - Adopted by Kristina Rice

3/20/2013 - Jasper is such a cutie!

See his own page in the "residents" section.
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