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To adopt from us it's a four step process.

1) Contact Us And Fill Out Adoption Application
Go here to contact us.
Before you adopt you must complete this form.

2) Rabbit House visit
We bring a prospective bunny companion or two to meet you and your fmaily in your home. Traditionally many rabbit rescues do inspections before bringing an animal over, sometimes we may start there if we need to verify certain standards are met. We are NOT critical of the lives, politics or the religions of people we deal with. If the animals are loved and their lives are respected, that is good. That is our goal. Please understand that if we agreed to meet you, we trust you already.

3) Adoption Contract
If you are accepted, you must complete this application once per animal.
This is your contract with us that you will not EVER harm this animal and that if you wish to end your responsibility of caring for it, you must bring it to us first. If you are no longer in our area, you must contact us so we may assist you in turning the animal over to a rescue we trust.

4) Adoption Fee
The standard adoption fee is $60 whether male or female.
Why $60? It costs us $60 to get a male neutered, and $100 to get a female spayed. This doesn't include the cost of food, care and other medical issues that come up. So to be blunt, our fees cannot be lower and we are certainly "losing" money based on our adoption fee. We are supported mostly by donations and even then we dip into our own personal moeny to make things work.

The safety and longetivity of the animals in our care is our top priority.
We do not tolerate any form of animal abuse or neglect.
If you don't respect animals don't ask to see, adopt or care for ours.

If you wish to foster rabbits so that they stay safe until another family adopts them, please go here.


Fast list of adoptable bunnies

Count Chocula
Hardy Hartnagel
Manolo Sanchez
Charlie Brown
Cornelius : Young Netered Male
Bob Marley : Mature GIant English Angora
Romeo O'Malley
: Young tricolor mini
Neville Longbottom

ZIggy Stardust

Avery & Beethoven : Mature Bonded Pair
Lana & Marshmallow : Young Bonded Pair

Under update 10/10/16
We are adding new animals still
Single Males
Count Chocula Lionhead mix – neutered, ready for adoption. He was dumped in Everett with his sister, Mocha Bean, and Brother, Cocoa Puff. He is a bit shy but very sweet and beautiful will a full beard and Mohawk. The Count is about a year old, small, about 4 pounds.

Adoption process in simple form : Application, home inspection, $60 fee.

Start the process by contacting us.

Here is his Petfinder Profile Page!
Violet Leona
Oscar is a lionhead mix who was also dumped in Everett with Minky and Ritzy. He is frisky, sweet and holdable. He is about 10 months old, small, about 3.5 pounds.

Adoption process in simple form : Application, home inspection, $60 fee.

Start the process by contacting us.

Here is his petfinder page.
Hardy Hardy Hartnagel
Hardy is a super sweet, Californian that was rescued from the parking lot of a local hardware supply store. He was taken in with a family with two other rabbits, before the family decided to downsize. A fun bunny with no negative issues, he loves people and attention.

And HAY. ZOMG he loves his hay. His favourite treat.

Our adoption policies in brief : Application, house inspection, $60 non-refundable fee.

Here is his Petfinder profile!
Manolo Sanchez
Caught by one of our volunteers, this is the second bunny to fly into our wings through her efforts. Manolo Sanchez is named after the hero of "Book Of Life" by DreamWorks

Manolo Sanchez is a super sweet, adoptable bunny that we got last year. He's scheduled for a neuter before we can release him,

He is great with people and loves attention. He's got a beautiful coat and came to us before he was full grown.

Our adoption policy in brief : Application, house inpection, $60 adoption fee.

Here is his
Petfinder page!
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown

A very friendly bunny caught by one of our very talented volunteers! He's a standard size and full of fun. Very friendly to people but may stomp at you if you're not giving him enough treats!

Here is his Petfinder Profile!
Cornelius Cornelius The Clever

Cornelius The Clever is a house trained house bunny whose owner fell on some hard times. He's a loveable bunny that really finds exploring to be the most interesting thing to him. He loves people, he loves toys and would love to get to know you!

He is 2-3 years old.

This is his
PetFinder Profile!
Bob Marley
Bob Marley
Marley is a Giant angora cross, who about 2.5 years old.

He is currently not fixed.

He has a terrific personality and temperament, and is a good bunny, very BIG, with fluff on his whole body... ears, cheeks, legs, tummy... so as with all angora rabbits there is a certain care that needs to take place regarding his fur. He will require grooming at bare minimum every two days

He enjoys living with cats and dogs and is an indoor, housebroken bunny,

Please consider adding this pure love to your home!

Adoption fee is $60.

Start the process by contacting us.

Here is his
PetFinder Page!
Romeo O'Malley
Neville Longbottom
Neville Longbottom
Romeo O'malley
A tricolor caught by a local near us.

Romeo is a bunny that is not at all harmful to humans or children, but has had some bad experiences and takes time to loosen up to humans. He receives attention but isn't a cuddle bun, YET.

He is a beauty, he is small and young.

He is missing a small piece of flesh on his nose, and that is from being loose on the streets. Otherwise he is happy and healthy!

He will be neutered before release. The total adotpion fee is $60. That pays for his neuter.

Here is his PetFinder profile.
Neville Longbottom
Neville Longbottom
Neville Longbottom

A former 4H bunny that was dumped because his previous owner did not want to care for his hare.
Single Females
Midnight Midnight
The towel napping avenger! She really likes to burrow inside towels, this one.

This is her PetFinder Profile!
Ziggy Stardust Ziggy Stardust
A New Zealand Red Eyed White.

She was a breeding  female, now neutered, who is enjoying her days just being a regular bunny now. Spayed and ready to find a home with you!
Bonded Pairs
Beethoven Bach & Avery O'Hare

Beethoven is a very sweet tempered, easy to handle lop eared bunny. When we brought him in from the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society, they paid for the first of two surgeries that were necessary to remove a life threatening abscess from him. Months have passed and he is enjoying a happy life with his partner, Avery.

Beethoven may dig in his litter tray but knows how to use it. He is neutered and does not bite or claw at people if threatened or scared. He has so far not shown aggression towards other rabbits, even other males. Very easy tempered.


Avery was surrendered to the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society as part of a trio of stray baby bunnies. OPHS could not care for them and transferred them to North Olympic Rabbit Rescue. We've homed her brothers, spayed and neutered them all. Avery has no health issues but did undergo g.i. stasis just after her spay surgery. She was healed by our expert veterinary hospital of choice.


This is their PetFinder Profile - Avery - Beethoven
Marshmallow Martian & Lana Lane the Super Girl

About Marshmallow Martian (Bonded With Lana Lane)
In the photo, Marshmallow has the straight up ears.

Lana & Marshmallow – Adorable sweet pair. Lana Lane the lop had a rough start with rough handling and then was abandoned in a small cage without food or water. She has come around very well and is a sweet girl, holdable and has a gorgeous soft coat. She loves Marshmallow Martian who was luckier than Lana and came from a loving foster home with gentle handling. He is super-sweet and loves to be held. Both are about a year old.

Marshamllow and Lana have been bonded for a year, they are both very young bunnies full of energy and love. Marshmallow is the sweetest of the two towards people and everything.

Lana was a bit skittish towards human attention until Marshmallow helped calm him down.

Adoption in simple words is : Home inspection, meet the bunnies, paperwork and a $120 adoption fee for BOTH animals.

Here is their PetFInder Profile!

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