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Animal Foster Volunteer
Foster Rabbits & Other Animals - Click here for information.

Labor Volunteer
Do you work hard and have regular, free time? You are needed for regular shifts of work at the Precious Life Animal Sanctuary. Please inquire at their site for details. You can see some building projects we've done for them here : Yard and building work.

Always Ongoing Internet Work
  1. We promote good rabbit companionship daily.
Construction projects
  1. Completed - An Enclosure for the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society
  2. Completed - An Enclosure for the Center Valley Animal Rescue shelter
  3. Completed - A wooden hay feeder for the Precious Life Animal Sanctuary
  4. Completed - Installed plastic hayfeeders at the Precious Life Animal Sanctuary
  5. Not yet started - Building an enclosure for Rescue Every Dog
  6. Ongoing - Building the enclosures in our rescue
  7. Yet another enclosure example, this time a rolling temporary enclosure or emergency overflow.
  8. 4/17/2016 - We are working on an enclosure for R.E.D.
Always Ongoing - Abandoned rabbit rescue
  • Single rabbit rescue - If at all possible we will try to rescue any single animal running loose. As long as we can find a vacancy we will take such an animal in.
  • Mass rescue - We are not equipped for a mass rescue, so we scout ahead and call for as much help as we can. If we get no help, and we have vacancy, we will try to rescue some in. If we have no help and no vacancy we will be unable to act.

NONE. This is simply beyond our current capabilities. When we started and had very few rabbits we were able to help. But now we are so caught up caring for the rabbits under our direct care we cannot assist people financially in any way. We also cannot help you raise funds as most of our time is spent raising funds for other rescues or ourselves.

  1. Coloring book project
  2. Not For Profit Store Item Images
Ongoing (Or As Necessary) Transport work
  1. We comb the local pages for free rabbits and other animals. We advise people where to take unwanted animals and when necessary offer transportation. We do this with almost no regard to species. We cannot transport livestock but anything from the size of a great dane to a mouse is possible.
  2. We have transported donations from Dell's Farm & Feed to the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society. -- Dell's is no longer in business inside of Sequim, but our offer applies to any vendor to any local animal charity. Transport of donations is free.
  3. We have transported donations of vegetables to the Precious Life Animal Sanctuary Regularly
  4. We are always on the lookout for members outside of our area who may transfer a euthanasia destined bunny to our area for adoption or placement with the Precious Life Animal Sanctuary.
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