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Help potty train future house bunnies!
12/19/2013 - Lakritze uses the potty
Foster Rabbits (and other animals) for us!
Are you a rabbit savvy person? Do you mind a house visit and filling out a contract with us to protect the life of the animal we may place in your care? Please fill out this form. Scan it and e-mail it to us.

The rules below are not meant to be intimidating, they are there to show you how much we care about the animals in our care and how much we expect you to. If you love animals and do what is right by them nothing below applies to you.

Rules of fostering animals with NORR
  • Prey animals such as rabbits, rodents and kittens MAY NOT be placed in any home with large reptiles, violent dogs or aggressive birds or cats.
  • All animals are indoor animals. Period.
  • No breeding animals.
  • No mingling unfixed animals, even of the same gender.
  • Fostered animals are ALWAYS the property of NORR. You may not sell, move or make any attempt to adopt them outside of our system. Animal theft will not be tolerated.
We do house visits before and after we place our animals. We will not place our animals into suspicious care. If we don't believe we can trust you with our animals, we won't.

Sick, injured or dead animals must be immediately taken to Greywolf Veterinary Hospital for immediate care.

Failure to follow our rules will resut in termination of your foster status with us and the animals will be withdrawn.
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