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NORR Coloring Book Project
"Rabbits Are A Big Responsibility"
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We need are for an open source project for all rabbit rescues across the globe to use. Details:

We are creating a coloring book with images of realistic rabbits doing cute things, accompanied by simple messages about rabbit care that stay with the child and the parent alike.

The coloring book will be printed out and handed out locally. Each coloring page has credit for the artist right on it. There will be a digital version that we will encourage anyone to download and print out for their kids, and we will also encourage other rescues to print out the coloring book and use to engage children and eduate them on rabbit care.

There will be no charge for getting or printing the book, everyone will be doing it for free.

For artists If you participate you get :
  • Full credit & Your URL on each image
  • Crazy exposure from hundreds of coloring books printed everywhere rabbit rescuers interact with children and want to use this simple tool!
  • Your URL on our website + we'll promote you on our Facebook page.
  • This is a charity project, if you volunteer your "pay" is the credit and exposure. If you are paid a commission or by Listia.com credits, then that is your pay, but you also get the above. There are some Listia artists already involved.
All of these images involve realistic or quasi-realistic rabbits. No "Bugs Bunny" style rabbits please. Nothing more cartoony than Disney's "Thumper."

Images we need
  • Front Cover, a rabbit with the words "Rabbits" above it and "are a big responsibility" below it. The words are hollow to encourage kids to color the words. Coloring the words will make them ask their parents what the word "responsiblity" means. That's always a good thing.
  • A rabbit sits near a birthday cake with a "10" on it. Below are the words "Rabbits live an average of 10 years." - Assigned to AlluraBellaMorte - Listia - DeviantArt
  • An image of two rabbits snuggled together. The text is "Rabbits are social. They are best kept in pairs." - Assigned to Martian333 from Listia
  • An image of a rabbit in front of a pie chart, eating hay. A hay bale symbol is on the part of the pie chart that is 3/4 big. A symbol of food pellets is on the 1/4 part of the pie chart. "Rabbits should eat more hay than pellets."
  • An image of a hunched up rabbit refusing a treat. "Gas and constipation can kill. Rabbits that won't eat are sick. Sick rabbits go to a vet.
  • A rabbit in front of "banned" greens such as onions, lilies, potatos, avocados, beans and candy. Those things are inside a "no" circle with a slash circle through it. "Rabbits shouldn't eat some things."
  • A rabbit in front of carrots with tops, leafy green lettuce, a broccoli top, spinach and cilantro. "Some vegetables are good for rabbits."
Artists who are participating
Copyright 2011 Brandon K. Montoya unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.