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A beauty of a drive
10/13/2012 - Not the sanctuary, just a view on the way
Precious Life Animal Sanctuary
This is one of the many beautiful views I
have the privelege to see on the mornings
I volunteer at the Sanctuary.

Peek A Boo!

Seattle Yard
11/26/2012 - This is the lower part of the Seattle Parks yard, where the oldest of the rescued rabbits live.

Thelma and her cohorts
11/26/2012 - Thelma (rightmost) and her cohort Seattle Park bunnies hang out and chill on a warm autumn day.

Currently we're doing volunteery work at an animal sanctuary that has donkeys, mules, horses, turkeys, cats, dogs, sheep, deer and hundreds of rabbits! The place is called the Precious LIfe Animal Sanctuary. We are also coordinating with a group of Canadian rabbit rescuers called Rabbitats.

Here is the Precious LIfe Animal Sanctuary website.
Here is the Rabbitats website.

Helicopter Bunneh

"Helicopter Bunneh" is on the lookout for food.

Every week we go up the hill change their water, clean around their feeding pens, give them food, sort ouf their vegetables and if Ralph has any special needs we try to help out. The Rabbits are the biggest labor generators in the sanctuary, the hill is steep and slippery at times. The rabbits are all tame of course, thought 99% of the time they won't come to you. Even now there's only one or two that get near us occassionally.

Volunteering at a local shelter, rescue or sanctuary is good work and we strongly recommend it! Look for opportunities near you!


Helicopter Bunneh and "Marbles" the grey bunney hang out and eat together a lot.

12-10-2012 - Thelma of the Seattle Park enclosure, and an upward view and blunt discussion of topics on hand at the time.
12-10-2012 - Touring the University Of Victoria Bunny Enclosure
12-10-2012 - Feeding the UVIC bunnies
12-15-2012 - The beginning of winter frost at the sanctuary.

The Mini Barn Rabbits - These were youngsters when the University Of Victoria Bunnies were moved on.

Mini barn rabbits

11/19/2012 - The mini barn bunnies. The Harlequin mix, second from the right is "Blondie," a buck."


Murkee - A rabbit that's fairly friendly and hangs around the feed shed in the UVIC enclosure.


Pearl, another UVIC bunny that hangs out by the feed house.

Around June NORR built this wooden hay feeder for PLAS.

hay feeder project

In the month of October Rebecca Wells helped NORR purchase these hay feeders for the PLAS.

Here they are installed.

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