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In Loving Memory
Olivia Lapin
Adopted August 7th, 2012
Departed from us December 3rd, 2012

You were feisty, small, well mannered and the friendly in spite of your fierce reputation, you deserved a thousand times the love I was allowed to give you. You and Resq made a perfect, snuggly pair. You had an attitude, and looked cute in spite of it. Your partner misses you and so do I.

Rest in piece little bunny.

Resq And Olivia
10/1/2012 In this photo Resq Rabbitz and
Olivia Lapine lie underneath the first level platform in
the enclosure expansion of their bunny condo.

Olivia Lapin
Olivia Lapin was adopted from the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society on August 7th 2012.  Her story, like most rabbits and other rescue animals, is a complicated one full of holes.

Olivia Lapine
8/27/2012 - She moved around slowly but boldly, she wasn't scared of new rooms or my dogs... even thoughs he should have been scare of Pebbles!

Olivia's story begins as a rabbit, in a home most likely belonging to a child. She was alone by herself all of her life, stuck in a hutch. Stuck in a hutch. Stuck in a hutch. Stuck in a hutch. All by herself. Stuck in a hutch. Since her birth, she had been separated from all rabbits. Then one day, a raccoon attacked her and did terrible injury to her leg. Her family healed her... and not wanting her to be hurt outdoors, hid her away in the family bathroom in a bathtub.

Not a great place for a rabbit.

And since her birth? Years had passed. Many years without spending time with other rabbits, living in a hutch or a bathtub. And of course she was expected to be "cute" but what bunny would be cute when they lived so unhappily?

After a time her family decided they couldn't make an indoor bunny out of her, for whatever reason... and gave her to the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society at the beginning of winter, 2011. During this time there she was thought to be an unadoptable bunny. She seemed to be aggressive to some people because she had a fear of being handled and petted. She would hiss and growl at most of the humane society caretakers and smack anyone who tried to touch her with her paws. She spent 8 months scared of being bothered by humans who were scared of her. She stayed there, until I first saw her in April of 2012. That is when she took her first step in becoming a member of our family. Her story as family begins with Resq's adoption.

I adopted Resq first back on April 11th, 2012, a few weeks afterwards when I was preparing to do charity work for the Humane Society I met her, sitting by herself, pouting in her hutch. She wasn't too friendly and barely cared I was there. I wanted to take her home, I did. Truth be told I couldn't bring her home then, Resq wasn't fixed so I would have had kittens on my hands. Although to be honest I thought he was a she and so did they. Ironic considering Resq was orginally thought to be female by it's previous owners.

Olivia Lapin
8/15/2012 - She had an attitude in the early days and didn't like to be handled directly, it was a lot of trial and effort... a bunny that could either run away or smack out with it's front paws like a super fast game of patty cake... then she'd stand on you with those paws... all terribly and mighty *3* pounds of her...and it was... cute! And threatening all at the same time!
Here's a video from the same day showing her skittishness!

Olivia continued to live in the shelter while I worked on the enclosures for home and Port Angeles, and on getting Resq spayed and neutered. I credit the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society for doing everything they could understand to do in order to socialize, adopt and save her. They even brought in a bunny expert who said she couldn't be with people or other rabbits. Some bunny expert, I obviously question this person's skills. He or she should have taken her home personally and spent a few weeks with her. She was tameable, loveable, and worth every moment. I wish there was a way to have given her one more year in love with Resq.

Olivia Lapine
8/27/2012 - An adventurous  bunny who made a habbit of getting around more often than Resq, who seemed timid in comparison.

It wasn't until August 7th, when I delivered a hand made enclosure to the Humane Society, that I semi spontaneously decided to bring her home. I originally planned to give her til November before I adopted her... had I done as I had planned, she would not have enjoyed the last four months of her life.

Olivia's homecoming on video on 8/7/2012 - Funny stuff!
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5

Olivia going in the opposite direction
8/27/2012 - Running around, foraging in my bedroom for whatever she could find.
8/31/2012 - A video of a friendly Olivia getting a face rub! Rabbits love this!

9/10/2012 - Olivia comes back from her first visit with Dr. Tavares! - part 1 - part 2
9/11/2012 - Resq and Oliva eat some really good stuff!
9/11/2012 - Resq and Olivia are having a good day, Olivia in particular. This is one of few sessions where I was allowed to touch her whole body, even briefly.
9/11/2012 - Resq and Olivia get a midnight weed snack!

After adopting her in April she had become tons friendlier, as far as approaching people goes. She had severe arthritis in her hips, so she was nervous about having her hind end touched. She had to be pet from the front only, but she seemed to enjoy it and the attention. And treats. Treats of all kinds. She enjoyed junk rabbit food as a treat (you know the stuff with dried up carrots etc.) as well as yogurt drops and yogurt covered rabbit pellets. She loved L&M Farms sesame cheese crackers as much as Resq and they would both take off in opposite directions of other other when fed these. Otherwise they would eat side by side. Every day, no matter the meal, though she was always the first to run to the door to greet me in the day. She nipped now and then but has only drew blood when for a sad few weeks, I had to wash her because she was losing a battle to clean her hind leg. She later won this battle, but cancer got her in the end.

A love of two bunnies...

Resq and Olivia didn't get along first... rather she found him threatening. And in the first few weeks since his neutering was still recent, he was still trying to mount her but after the first month he stopped. She would keep her back end away from him and paw his face at first, but he didn't care. Eventually he would just lay down near her whether she was mad or not... and eventuallys he came to accept and love him. They both had not had a rabbit friend or patner since being separate from their birth.

She would groom him, he would groom her, and they would always lie down together and snuggle. When she was gone to the vet for her surgery, and when she departed, he tried to find her and was depressed when he could not. Rabbits do have emotional feelings, don't doubt it. Dont doubt it for one minute!

10/11/2012 - Resq naps while Olivia watches over him.

Olivia dreams
11/2/2012 - Olivia naps under Resq, having a peaceful dream where she was running in her sleep.

poo covered feet
9/21/2012 - Poo stuck to her hocks...
9/25/2012 - A video of how she adapted to arthritic life

She was thought to be too aggressive to be with other rabbits but she showered Resq with affection at all times, I could always spot her grooming him. Supposedly she hated humans but I could put my face next to her and she gave me a wet nose on occassion. She would sniff me and gave me just one lick. For a bunny who was given so little before myself it was quite a compliment.

8/31/2012 - Resq and Olivia made a great couple!

8/31/2012 - "What you lookin at eh?!?!?!"

9/3/2012 - Another good photo. They loved to lie outside their enclosure in the pen together for hours, doing nothing but stretching, yawning and changing positions during the middle of the afternoon.

10/9/2012 - This is a good example of their outdoor playtime, a few objects to run in and out of, a few treat food bits thrown about, they loved it.

Olivia was not meant to be with us long...

Unfortunately in addition to her arthritis she had a growth in her uterus, after worrying about the poo covered hocked interfering with her surgery I took her in and had her spayed on .11/14/2012

She recovered quite well and I allowed Resq to be with her within a few days, I am glad that I did given that the almighty only allowed this poorly treated and misunderstood cutie so much time left on this earth.

11/24/2012 - This is the last good video of Resq and Olivia enjoying their time together, when Olivia felt up to her own mischief and running about. It was a good day for her and she enjoyed it. Her spaying surgery left her with less pain in her hips. And for what pain she did have, our veterinarian prescribed metacam. Perhaps it was worth it, for a last few good days.

On Sunday, December 2, 2012 Olivia began to strangely beg as my girlfriend and I watched a film. What we thought she had by this time was pneumonia. But what we did not know is that she had a cancerous growth, gradually choking her out for air. As sad and as horrible as it sounds, my poor Olivia wasn't begging us for treats, she was begging us for air.

Air pocket

The final moments of a good friend who deserved more time...

On December 3rd
, as soon as I was back from volunteer work with the Precious Life Animal Sanctuary we took her in for an accelerated appointment because her breathing was terribly forced and she seemd to randomly be panicking. X-Rays confirmed the cancerous growth. The arrow you see on the left is not the growth, but the air bubble formed by panic breathing. Olivia was so desperate for air by the time she was to the veterinarian that she was gulping for air. They put her in an oxygen tank, and could barely keep her calm outside of it.

x-ray side view

The blue marks indicate the glob in her lungs that was the cancerous growth.

I had never in my life attended to euthanasia personally, it's something that all my dogs have had to face because illness to terrible to leave them to die from had taken hold of them. This was the first time that I had to make this mortal decision, and friends I did not leave the room I stayed with Olivia. I will not tell you what I endured, for it was a private pain and if you are brave do what I have done for every pet that you love if that time comes. I assure you it was quick. mercifully, mercifully quick.

It was horrible to me and still to this day brings tears to my eyes, but I do not regret my decision to end her agony and give her the peace and dignity she deserved. On the late even of December 3rd with Dr. Tyler we guided Olivia Lapin to the door of the Rainbow Bridge. I hope one day to see her again and see what a healthy, binky ready Olivia looks like!

I'm sure her boyfriend and first companion since birth, Resq Rabbitz will love to see her some day too!

Rainbow Bridge 113 BPM by: Coruscate -- (cc) Attribution (3.0) from ccMixter from ccMixter

I dedicated this song to her on CCMixter. It is a creative commons attribution 3.0 song. So you are free to use it, but please credit me and if you can, point here to Olivia's story. Because....


Spay your female bunnies even if they are single, they are prone to uterine cancer. Cancer spreads. Don't let your female bunny suffer from cancer. Help prevent bunny cancer by getting your bunny spayed. Encourage shelters to offer spay and neuters to rescued rabbits, and please donate, donate, donate!

More bunny loving from our rabbit on the other side (and her living boyfriend)

9/10/2012 - One of my favorite pictures, this used to be the front page for the website when Olivia was still with us.

9/10/2012 - Here's a two part video of her visit to the vet that day.
Part 1
Part 2

Resq And Olivia Eat Kale
9/17/2012 - Resq Rabbit & Olivia Lapin eat kale - Kale is great for rabbits!

Under the ramp
10/1/2012 - The mess, the mess Resq loved to make... not that Olivia didn't take part at times. They looked so cute together here!

Dirty cage
10/1/2012 - Dirty cage! Resq loved to tear apart the newspaper, Olivia wasn't too hot on it he always pull the paper right out from under her! For the moment, the two rested together.

cute devil
10/24/2012 - A cute little devil. This was shot a moment or two before the picture below.

Mad bunny!
10/24/2012 - Olivia was touchy at times and didn't want to be bothered, this was one of those times and she was aggressively nosing at me when I moved the camera around to take a picture. She was so cute when she was like this! I can still hear her growling noises.

11/5/2012 - A somewhat blurry but good photo of the happy, hoppy couple.

Olivia grooms Resq
11/5/2012 - Olivia grooms Resq

Olivia grooms Resq
11/8/2012 - Olivia grooms Resq again...

new fav
11/16/2012 - This is one of my favorite photos of the two together 8^)

11/29/2012 - Poised little lady. Often in the early months when she would beg for food, she would sit very upright to beg. She wouldn't stand of course, I'm sure her arthritist bothered her even then. This is one of the last good, cute pics of her.

Bunny Condo

Resq and Olivia lived in this 27 1/2 square foot bunny condo beside my bed. They were a happy couple there.

Their love was from April 11th of 2012 to December 3rd of 2012.
She awaits her handsome buck at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in peace little bunny.

The homecoming of her remains was on December 13th, 2012.
She was finally laid to rest inside her urn on December 14th, 2012.

After her passing I purchased an unfinished photo frame to use as her urn's burial box. I finished it with Thompson's Water Seal and painted it with acrylics my best friend Brandy lent me.

On December 12th the Veterinary Hospital called me to tell me her ashes where in. The next day I picked them up. I had wondered why the "private service" (ashes come home) option was more expensive, I learned why : it came with it's own urn. A very nice one. Had I known, I could have opted to just add a plaque.

BUT... I am very happy with my custom engraved, brass urn from PerfectMemorials.com. They gave her a great place for her ashes to remain.

Rest in peace little kitten, rest in peace.

4/15/2016 - Some day, we'll see you again and you can show us how you really binky. Some day you can show us your freedom.
Copyright 2011 Brandon K. Montoya unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.