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Montreal Longview

6/19/2013 - Montreal explores, this was before hip issues started to interfer with his life.

8/13/2013 - Montreal lowers himself down for a petting.
This is when his hip syndrome was affecting his abilit to sit normally.
At thet ime I would say "Yes, during the day time he tends to stretch his legs out and not move so much. During the nighttime he is much more active."

Montreal was a special needs bunny who came to us healthy and happy, but developed degenerative hip syndrome. This disease eventually took his mobility and although we took a daily committment to his care, he eventually faded away after months of care. He was loved, he was love itself, and he will always be loved and missed.

6/17/2013 We purchased him from a young man who found him running around looking for human attention. We guesstimate he was raised until the family felt they could no longer take care of him and they set him "free" which means "in danger of being run over by a car or eaten by rabbit eating humans." He was being offered for $20.... we figure it's the best $20 we ever spent.

He showed us love, he showed us happiness, we showed him as much of it as we could as he became ill and faded away. We hope he knows how much he was loved here.

8/17/2013 - Montreal gets Jasper's top bunk for a while and man he enjoyed the attention. He even melted my father's heart.


old man montreal is full of love
10/5/2013 - Montreal still loves attention.

10/31/2013 - Montreal naps between feeding time. At this time period he could stand up but not move around very well.

11/3/2013 - By this time frame Montreal was down on his side in about a week. This is the last good photo shoot I had of him.

12/14/2013 - As of today Montreal has been down on his side for at least a month, he's not suffering any sever discomfort but he doesn't hop around anymore. He still loves attention and has a good apetite.

1/15/2014 - Montreal crossed the Rainbow Bridge sometime between 1 AM and 3:25 AM.

4/15/2016 - WE STILL MISS YOU BUDDY. Some day will rub your nose again!

 This is an awesome, cute video of an impaired bunny playing.
video-2013-06-17-montreal-intro - This is our first video of Montreal
video-2013-06-19-montreal-explores - Montreal is let out of his temporary enclosure space to explore the world a little bit.
video-2013-06-29-montreal-bunny-gymnastics - Get down an binky!
video-2013-07-01-montreal-morning - Montreal greets me in the morning before work.
video-2013-07-10-montreal-best-friend - Montreal loves to be friends with humans.
video-2013-07-10-montreal-best-friend2 - More of the same...
video-2013-07-10-montreal-big-puppy - Montreal is like a big puppy when he's excited!
video-2013-10-14-montreal-ball - Montreal playing with his ball!
10/24/13 - A beautifully awesome film of Montreal playing with his stuffed toy, in spite of his hip problems.
1/13/2014 - Montreal in a video about Beethoven and Avery having a playdate.

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