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Dynamic Duo
Lana Lane

Lana Lane The Super Girl
Marshmallow Martian from the planet of CUte
All of our bunnies are special to us, but they are not just special just to us. Some of our bunnies are strays, discarded by their careless, thoughtless owners. Others are voluntary surrenders, driven by compassion and love. Lana was a bunny produced by both circumstances. Lana was at first abandoned in a family park, near a dense wooded area in an enclosure that had no food and water. The wire mesh was not secured to the top, so it was too heavy for her to life, but light enough for any strong predator such as a dog, fox or eagle to easily move or even knock out of the way. It was luck that brougth these two together when both of their lives needed a little change.

In most circumstances we may change a rabbit's name when we keep them in family, or to make them sound cuter for adoption. Lana's bond with her human is one we've only seen between Brandon and Resq. Our bunnies saved us as much as we saved them. We've left her name Lana because it is a well chosen name for this very friendly bunny.

Lana's friendliness was because of Emily. When Emily found Lana she was terrified of humans, and left quite a few marks that were made by a bunny fearing for it's life. After several weeks of intense bunny to human training, Lana is very loving, good with children and cats. She loves attention, loves face rubs, and in spite of being taken far from her home, she wasn't terrified when she arrived.

And here is video proof of that. (6-16-2014) Lana munches down.
And here you can see her roomates... the many... many roomates!

This trip took us on a total of 280 miles wooohoooo!!



6-16-2014 - Lana has a hay chompdown in Sequim after her 140 mile trip from Issaquah to "Sunny" Sequim.

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