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Lakritze And Resq
Lakritze London & Resq Rabbitz
We adopted "London" on 12/17/2012 from Rescue Every Dog and gave her a new first name, making her original name her last name. Lakritze is German for "licorice" and if you've seen this bunny in person you'd more than get it! Apart from being jet black and sickly sweet, this bunny is hard to see in videos and photos if you don't have the flash on! Her fur just absorbs the light until you can't see her! She's a lovely, friendly bunny that doesn't hate being picked up at all unlike her partner Resq.
Lakritz London

Lakritze LondonLakritze London
Lakritze London

These three pictures are the photos shown on the petfinder adoption page for Lakrirze. R.E.D. volunteers personally brought her to our house to check out our bunny condo and see that we were indeed, true bunny people!

Lakritze was part of a mass seizure from Oregon. A breeder was keeping all of their bunnies in inhumane conditions and Lakritze is one of the lucky bunnies to make it out into a new home! She was previously bred to make more Rex rabbits. She she could no longer mate she would be dinner. So I say to all of you out there... DON'T SHOP ADOPT!!!

first day after visit
12/17/2012 - Lakritze chills in the upper enclosure by herself to get attuned to the smells and noises without Resq trying to copulate with her...

Lakritze & Resq
12/17/2012 - Later that day they seemed to be friends!

12/19/2012 - Lakritze needs to go on a diet, she's a Big Black Bunneh!!

12/19/2012 - Rex rabbit fur has to be felt to be truly understood! It's soooooo soft! Sooo soooo sooo soft!

potty trained
12/19/2012 - And she was already potty trained!!!!

a new hoppy couple
12/21/2012 - A new hoppy couple is formed!

12/17/2012 - Lakritze's homecoming part 1 (part 2 hidden) part 3 - Resq was very, VERY excited to see two new women in his home!
12/18/2012 - Getting Lakritze so happy she kisses Resq
12/18/2012- Lakritze explores in safety
12/19/2012 - Bunny playtime
12/19/2012 - Lakritze binkies
12/20/2012 - Lakritze explorer
12/21/2012 - Rabbit fight --- several hours later - This set of videos requires an explanation. Rabbit fights can be anywhere from fatal to scarring for rabbits on other rabbits... no kidding. Rabbit fights are not to be enjoyed but to be stopped... a small squabble is to be expected now and then, Resq and Olivia fought a little bit at first. So these two rabbits having three fights during this time period isn't good... but they had their segregation time and seem to be over it. Lakritze wanted to assert dominance over Resq and even mount him, he wasn't having it.
12/21/2012 - Two songs dedicated to Lakritze's homecoming, "Pathfinder" and "London Is Calling (Lakritze Remix)."

Never let your rabbits fight. Separate them.

Bunny Condo

Lakritze London lives with Resq Rabbitz lives in this 27 1/2 square foot bunny condo beside my bed. They are happy there.

enclosure bottomenclosure bottom
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