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Jasper Cutie
Jasper being a cutie
On 3/20/2013, two weeks after his pickup.

Jasper Naveed
A big attitude bunny who learned to love humans...
Adopted by Kristina Rice.
3/4/2013 - Jasper relaxes in his old cage before being moved to his new one.

A mixed breed bunny voluntarily surrendered to our family by Angie Huckstep on 2/5/2013. It was a very loving, knowledgeable home that gave him plenty of love. He's been a learning experience of dealing with a "my way or the highway" attitude bunny, but investing time in him has proven worth it. He loves his people and loves his attention. He's a joy to have around.

3/12/2013 - Video of Jasper inside "Olivia's keep" which was an enclosure add on built when we adopted Olivia.

3/20/2013 - The "split" design enclosure built from "Olivia's Keep" has been his home since moving into NORR. His new enclosure, designed for him, is under construction.


4/23/2013 - For a few days he was relocated to the wire frame enclosure while "Olivia's Keep" was being expanded.

Godzilla of awe
4/23/2013 - Jasper destroying the camera with cuteness.
He is the Godzilla of AWWWWWWWWW...

5/4/2013 - Jasper sprawls out in his enclosure

5/19/2013 - Jasper relaxes in his enxclosure

Video for Jasper
3/13/2013 - Jasper explores the garage space.
3/19/2013 - Jasper's enclosure being built. This was his temporary residence, "Olivia's Keep" which was original an enclosure add-on. Then it was built into an enclosure. In this video at the start you'll see the enclosure I was building for Center Valley Animal Rescue at the time. Here's the page for that.

After his partner Saoirse Isealt died in 2015, Jasper has since been partner with Peter Thugsy in 2016.
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