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Hokus Pokus
Hokus Pokus

A five year old, super friendly lop! Loves people, other bunnies and is comfortable around dogs. Spent his first five years outdoors next to a guinea pig friend whom he loved. His friend died, so his owner wished that he have a partner. He will only go to a house where he will have a friend.

8-10-2014 - He has found a home with a lovely bun-lady named Beatrix Hopper. She was saved by a pair of cat rescuers from a near death scenario in a quiet suburb. With the help of Special Bunny she has thrived in their care and he has come to them as an angel of love and nurturing for her.

Videos and pictures as soon as we can get them organized here.

2016 - Hokus is now called "Hodor" and lives in Seattle with a very special new mate, a bunny who was rescued from starvation and needed a non-humpy partner. His owners are incredibly kind people.
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