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Resq And Olivia
A rabbit enclosure for the
Olympic Peninsula Humane Society
(Sometimes used for cats and other small animals)

Dedicated to Olivia Lapin, 2012
who was adopted from this no kill shelter.
It was their generosity that allowed her to
live eight months in this shelter whereas
many euthanize. She was the inspiration
for this contraption, it was meant to be
her home and chance for adoption.

I delivered the final construction to the
shelter on August, 7th, 2012 and
took Olvia Home and gave her peace.
She passed over the rainbow bridge with
barely a chance to get to know her,
On December 3rd, 2012.
Rest in peace little rabbit.

After finishing up the enclosure for my house I went right to work building a rabbit enclosure for the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society. They are a very busy shelter that prior to my help, wasn't ever quite ready for rabbits at all.

I finished up the OPHS enclosure at the same time I finished the expansion for the home enclosure. You can see this enclosure in progress in some of the pictures for the expansion.

This is meant to be an outdoor enclosure for their summer months, that is also waterproof in the event of sudden storms. (The enclosure is under an awning right next to their office, no issues)

The bottom of the enclosure was a large dresser drawer, the bottom of which was lined with planks to keep the thin board at the bottom of the drawer from cracking.

After affixing the legs, length wise boards were added so that the legs screwed directly into those bottom boards, basically bypassing the bottom plank.

Painting was done during building, and parts were laid down to figure out the measurements from the actual structure, rather than hypothetical numbers on a page.

The second layers was built as quickly as the first....

And here it is in the final moments before adding the doors. The white spots you see on the right are caulking.

The enclosure had to be turned on its side to complete painting, and hang the doors as straight as possible.

Last touch ups before the final trim, locks and completion!

The Rabbit Enclosure in use!

OPHS enclosure

Click here to see it on video.

2012 - These are two adorable bunnies that were up for adoption when I stopped through. I'd guesstimate they weighed about 8 pounds each. They were very happy, healthy and friendly. The one on the left has already been helped by the veterinarian, but at the time of the pictures he had overgrown teeth due to an irresponsible owner who did not get him hay to eat. Bunnies there are available for a $15 adoption fee.

8/24/2013 - Here's a new cutie who was hanging around, waiting for a new home.
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