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Resq And Olivia
A 27sq ft enclosure I built.

Being a softie to bring the rabbits into my life in the first place, and having a love of building, and remembering the joys of owning a hamster... I built this enclosure over the course of several months. At first it was meant to be a backup enclosure so I could assist rabbit rescues. After I while I decided to keep this one in my room and then expand it.

This was intended to be two separate enclosures stacked on on the other.

Years ago I was into model railroading, and built some N scale modeling tables that I never used. I resued both of the tables to build the bottom "room," and had to build from scratch for the top.

You start by getting on flat piece of 2 ft by 4 ft plywood. Then you take some 1 X 4 planks, assemble them into a square and screq the board into the top.

There are a few photos missing, but essentially you take a 2 X 2 board, about 2 feet tall to fasten the two tables together. Then you apply some planks to the sides, and build the doors. The doors were simple 1 X 3 planks, though in future builds I went with thicker wood.

This is the start of the second level,  you can see what I mean about the 2 X 2 boards.

The vision becomes clearer in these two pics.
The wire is attached to the outside of the enclosure and the outside of the doors. Then trim is applied.

At this point what comes next is the liner, for this enclosure I used "corrplast" (corrugated plastic) to line the bottom. I needed caulking to fill the holes, but it works fairly well to keep pee and poo off the wood of the enclosure.

Lastly, doesn't Resq look happy?
Check this video of him playing...

EXPANSION.... "Olivia's Keep"

Before I picked up Olivia I prepared to add another rabbit to my household by building an addition to this enclosure that would allow rabbits to travel from top to bottom. Resq loves it, but Olivia can't use it due to her arthritis. It came together much like the first one...

The base of the enclosure was an old dresser drawer, just to get me started.

Since the bottom of the enclosure was weak, being hyper thin carboard, three boards were added to the bottom, and the 2 X 2 boards were screwed into those. The bottom of the dresser drawer itself holds very little weight and is well supported.

Often when I'm building like this I'll lay the boards I intend to use, and get the measurements from the actual design rather than try to crunch numbers on paper.

The upper platform is attached and I began using "LeakSeal" by Rustoleum on the bottom and top levels. Leakseal is a roofting material, basically rubber in a can. It's leak proof and perfect for this use! It's expensive though, and it takes two cans per level!

Paint is applied...

After adding the mesh wire and the locks, we have... hoppy hoppy rabbits!!

5/21/2013 - Olivia's Keep is expanded using half of a desk that we upcycled from "Round Again" on Highway 101. In the last image you can see we've put the chicken wire in and run it against the original enclosure for a test. This was the only section of the enclosure that received chicken wire as an experiment on interacting with the rabbits with the door closed, it worked out quite well.
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