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Center Valley Animal Rescue's
New Rabbit Enclosure

I am building another enclosure for the Center Valley Animal Rescue shelter. Pictures and progress as they occurr.

Step one : As with all the other enclosures I start by building the base, then adding the poles going upwards and some sideboards for some staiblity. After a call the the rescue I was informed to make it even more open air than I had planned. I had to cut holes in the sides.

3/12/2013 - Along with the rennovation work on Olivia's Keep, you can see the work on the CVAR structure in this video.

3/13/2013 - After cutting the holes in the sides, the next step was position the support beams for the first level platform and measuring the ramps out. This was done inbetween giving the wood a base pain.

3/14/2013 - The ramps are tested for their lengths and the top level is fitted to make sure it's snug. It had to be recut several times because the original wood was much larger than advertised.

3/19/20013 - After the ramps were added, they were removed and the top level was screwed in. The door frames were built and a base paint was applied to the whole structure.

3/19/2013 - in this video you can see the above progress in a video format, as well as Jasper, one of our bunnies.

3/21/2013 - The roof doors and top level platform have been made in this picture.

3/25/2013 - Now we apply our rubber roofing sealer (say that three times fast) to seal the top and bottom levels.

3/26/2013 - Then the slow process of painting the enclosure til it looks pretty begins.

CVAR care package
5/8/2013 - This final image before delivery shows the care kit we included with the enclosure for CVAR. Included was white aspen bedding, hay, two brand new water bottles, food crocks and litter trays. I believe one or two minor items missed this photo shoot but they were minor. We always deliver a care package with each donated enclosure.

On 5/16/2013 we delivered the package and took a tour of their new bunny area!
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