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How a
perfect bunny home
was made

lethal cuteness

5-31-2014 Baby Boo Boo in the top tower
of the bunny's multi-level play patio.

It's no secret, here at North Olympic Rabbit Rescue we love our bunnies and what makes them happy. We bring you a story of a very happy, bunny friendly household where two bunnies have three enclosures to share! But first we must start at the beginning.

There are three things required for a perfect bunny home.

1) Bunny Love
2) Know how
3) Willpower / getting it done

So before we start, allow me introduce the bunny that begat all the madness at the Henderson Wescott residence.... Baby Boo Boo.

Baby Boo Boo &
1-18-2014 - Picture perfect! Baby Boo Boo and one of the very loved canines sit still for a photo.

Several months ago Chrys and her husband decided to indulge in a dream of having a lionhead bunny. They have huge hearts and loads of dedication to their dogs, but had never owned a rabbit before. They were curious, lost for advice, and almost gave up on being bunny parents for the simple fear of not doing it right. Eventually they found their way to our facebook page and asked for some help.

Baby Boo Boo Original Home

1-11-2014 Baby Boo Boo's orgiginal home : We should note that this is fencing material and should never be used as flooring. It hurts the rabbit's hocks and prevents them from eating their cecotropes (special poop) which is part of their nutritional needs.

At first they were very timid about owning a rabbit, above all they didn't want to be bad bunny parents and harm the animal or allow it to live in a way that was not enjoyable for it. This rabbit was treasured like a gem even before they made the decision to be the forever parents for this tiny little bun!

bunny love


The questions they ask are the questions EVERY bunny owner should ask. What should my rabbit eat and not eat. How big of a space do they need. Can we potty train them? Should we fix them?

They were shown several websites besides our own such as rabbit.org which always has great rabbit care tips. Tips in hand, they proceed to get Baby Boo Boo neutered so he could have a friend and playmate!

INGREDIENT TWO : KNOW HOW : As in know how your rabbit eats, know how to make him happy, know how to ask questions!

They then got right down to business and built the little man his own indoor condo, right next to the couch where they watch television. We cannot put into words how important it is to keep your bunnies close to you. Not only to bond with them, but because the proximity will allow you to have an easier time watching their health!

They wasted no time, and this is INGREDIENT THREE : WILLPOWER!

After that, everything began to fall together, in a good way of course!

Baby Boo Boo's Condo
5-7-2014 - Baby Boo Boo's rabbit condo

Baby Boo Boo's new rabbit condo has two levels and literally opens up to the couch in the family room. He has access to humans, his own television (an electric aquarium) and plenty of good food, hay and love!

another view

4-30-2014 - Another view and setup of Boo's indoor enclosure.

Introducing : CHARLOTTE

After some necessary time healing, and some settling down time as well, the family decided Boo must have a mate!

And it was time for the introduction of Baby Boo Boo's girlfriend, Charlotte!


Charlotte was found hopping around the parking lot of Peninsula Friends Of Animals, an organization that normally helps just cats. We thank them for their time advertising this little bunny for adoption!

Joyce Pollack was the one who found her, and offered to pay for her spay out of pocket. She is an awesome woman and this could not have happened without her rescue dedication!

Peninsula Friends Of Animals
stepped forward to pay for her spay surgery fees, and we are very grateful to them. In addition to that they offered Charlotte space if Joyce could not keep her.


5-23-2014 - You know you're doing right as a bunny parent when the bunny falls asleep in your arms.

Charlotte made herself at home wonderfully quick. We credit this once again to Joyce Pollack for being such a great bunny mom, but also Chrys and her husband for simply being animal people. Animals can tell you know!

Once they felt like they could handle Charlotte and that she would respond to their care, it was time to introduce her to Baby Boo Boo.


It's a rare case when two rabbits hit it right off the bat, though it is considerably easier for mixed male / female sets. Rabbits can take quite a while to get to know each other, trust each other and relax. Boo and Charlotte needed a few days to get to know each other, but fell well in line with just enjoying each other's presence.

Cases like these two where the rabbit instantly bonds with the humans AND the rabbits of the house is rare!

The Playdate

5-29-2014 - Baby Boo Boo and Charlotte have a playdate.

Charlotte and Baby Boo Boo are exceptional rabbits! Small breeds can sometimes be aggressive and these are both very passive, loving bunnies!

come out please

5-24-2014 - Charlotte, ask mommy if you can come out to play!

Pooped Boo Boo

5-29-2014 - Baby Boo Boo flops out and naps after chasing around the love of his life, Charlotte.

Charlotte Chills In Her Bedroom

5-29-2014 - Charlotte chills in her bedroom 8^)
Oh did we mention Charlotte received her own enclosure?

Charlottes Loft

5-23-2014 - Construction on Charlotte's lofty condo began very soon after the family received her. They completed it within days and then had another idea...

...A Bunny Patio Playhouse!

But before any dream can become a reality, first it must be made!

second stage

The first stages of the enclosure come off like a rough sketch on a sheet of paper. These artists could see their final construct in their head, and we could only see the carbon on the sheet.

third stage

After a bit of work the inside of the cage looks crazy interesting, and it's loaded with ramps and play space for two very small bunnies.

fourth stagefinal stage

With the last stages we can see the masterpiece coming together...

The Patio Playpen

5-31-2014 - The patio playpen is enviously gorgeous! The planning and construction were well thought out! They even matched it to their fencing and included a motorized fan to keep the rabbits cool!

Baby Boo Boo & Charlotte Enjoy the outdoor patio

5-31-2014 Boo & Charlotte come up for some facetime with the camera!

All in all it's awesome! Check out some of the finishing touches



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