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Beethoven & Avery
Avery & Beethoven relax together on 3/3/2014

No rabbit should EVER be abandoned!!!!!

No rabbit should ever have to endure an illness without medical help!

Late in 2013 we accepted a transfer from the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society whom we would later name Beethoven. He had what is called an abscess. It is a bacterial infection that in rabbits often include aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. This combination of biohazardous gook combines into a cancer-like condition in rabbits, putting their whole life at risk.

The Olympic Peninsula Humane Society paid for his neuter surgery, and "cyst" drainage surgery at a clinic that had, at the time not seen a lot of rabbits. Since he had an abscess and not just a normal cyst, the surgery failed to heal Beethoven and end the risk to his life. We took it at our own expense to have him treated at Greywolf Veterinary Hospital. Greywolf gave us several discounts, but we still made a bill of over eight hundred dollars. Money well spent given the severity of his condition.

At present we are over 50% through raising money to cover the bills, and would like all the help we can get. Our bills are paid out of pocket initially. Donations will be raised in his name until the bills are paid.

Saving lives, in cases like this, can be a terribly expensive business.


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