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Charles Xavier
5/22/2014 - Charles Xavier is presented to North Olympic Rabbit Rescue
at Greywolf Veterinary Hospital after his examination.

Charles Xavier - A bunny who traveled a long way for care!

First Abandoned at the Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center in Sequim
Spoken for by North Olympic Rabbit Rescue
First inspected by Greywolf Veterinary Hospital at no charge
Transported by Ourselves, Rescue Every Dog & Other Volunteers
In hospice care at 
Special Bunny in Seattle for his second chance at life!

Charles Xavier
A sweet bunny who was wronged by humans
Taken into hospice care at Special Bunny SpecialBunny.org
Charles Xavier
5/23/2014 - Charles Relaxes in a kennel that is serving as a nesting tray during his temporary stay at our facility.

Charles Xavier
On 5/20/2014 Jaye Moore opened the Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center up finding what no animal rescuer wants to see... an injure animal in a box, left on a doorstep. That rabbit was very young, very lively, but dragging both of his back legs as he moved around, full of life. She didn't want to "be too quick to pull the chord," so she called us to see what we could do. When we can speak for a bunny, Greywolf Veterinary Hospital will see that bunny and let us know what we can do for it. Being a strict rescue animal (not a pet of ours) who was in an extreme medical dilemna, Greywolf saw him at no charge.

They said he had a fractured spinal cord, with one overlapping another. He would need neurological surgery if there was anything at all that could be done. Barring a miracle he had lessened control of his bladder and no control of his back legs.

Charles Xavier

5-24-2014 - Moments before his departure, we say goodbye and take our final photos of this young, plucky bunny.

We were ready to give Charles a lifetime of care, but we knew he would be better off in a rescue group with a dedicated special needs ward. With the help of Tiami Coleberg of Rescue Every Dog, we transferred Charles to Special Bunny in Seattle.

The first leg of his journey involved us driving him just to the other side of the Hood Canal Bridge where volunteers arranged by Tiami were waiting to drive Charlse to the next relay point. Within hours he was at Special Bunny.
There he would receive a lifetime worth of care and we hoped possibly even a chance at adoption into a home that loves for and cares for special bunnies like Charles.

The director of Special Bunny had this to say to the public when they accepted him : "This bunny was probably an Easter Bunny that had its back broken some how and they decided to dumped it off at the Rapture Center mostly likely as food. The local vet did an x-ray and his back is broken in several places. He will be going into our vets on Wed for more testing and care. He seems to be doing ok for now. Thank you to all the people helping in rescuing this precious bunny. Stay tune for more updates."

Special Bunny has a website as well as a Facebook page.

UPDATE INFO The Sequim Gazette has run an article about our rescue and it contained a few updates about Charles.

"Angie Green, founder of Special Bunny, said the bunny is not for adoption right now but she’d love to find someone special to adopt him even though he will continue to have medical needs."

"He is taking pain medication that seem to help, she said, and that his injury likely came from someone picking him up wrong. She’s investigating options for a custom wheelchair."

Things were looking up for Charles, he even starred in a heat awareness ad.

Charles the advertisement star

He had some great times and was personally cared for by Angie, the owner / operator of Special Bunny.

Charles enjoys the sun
Charles enjoys the sun

Then, things took a sad turn.


Injuries that Charles had never fully healed from took over his system and eventually, were the end of him. Special Bunny had this to say on 8/1/2014

It is with much sadness that we lost Charles Xavier this morning. He was the bunny we took in with the broken back, we were trying to get him healed up so that we could get him into a wheelchair. This was the week we were going to measure him and get it ordered but he became ill a few days ago from internal injuries that never completed healed up from when his back was broken. He was the sweetest bunny, never bite or struggled when I was having to work on him and express his bladder. He would even come sliding up to you when he saw you. Thank you everyone who help support him, he is going to be greatly missed.

This rescue WAS NOT A FAILURE.

It was a blazing success!!

Charles enjoyed his last days, and things are right witht he world.
The bulk of the work is not ours to claim, that belongs to Special Bunny.
But Charles will always, ALWAYS be a member of our warren.

We knew from the beginning that we could not offer the quality of care that a better staffed and funded rescue could provide, and we will always be greatful for Angie and her group stepping into help. We are always and forever in your debt.

The arrangements for his transfer to Special Bunny could not have been completed with Tiami Coleberg and Rescue Every Dog. It's volunteers saved the day when we were as crippled as Charles.

And nothing could have happened if Jaye Moore of Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center didn't care as much about a bunny as she does her avians.

For each and every person that directly contributed, and to everyone who watched, "liked" and sent their best wishes, we thank you for your contribution. We look forward to seeing Charles again some day, over the bridge.

Video for Charles Xavier
5/22/2014 - Here we Charles off at Elaine's for overnight fostering.
5/22/2014 - Just a few minutes later we have Charles in his pen area so he can spend the night with Elaine.
5/23/2014 - Charles comes home to our rescue in this video.
5/23/2014 - In this video we have removed the top of the kennel so it can act as a nesting tray for Charlse.
5/24/2014 - Charles relaxes, but is disturbed by nearby  bunny activity.
5/24/2014 - We open the door and give him some loving in this video.
5/24/2014 - More loving on Charles, as we bid him goodbye before his transfer to Special Bunny.
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