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Bella The Fawn

8-6-2014 - Not every story we have to tell is a happy one, not every story has a glittery happy ending. We're just people. We are thankful for the help and assistance of the Port Angeles Sheriff's Deputies as well as Dr. Tyler and the entire staff of Greywolf Veterinary Hospital for their assistance in this attempted rescue.

Bella - Another deer, another thoughtless driver

Sometime in the early morning hours of Wednesday, August 6th a doe and her two fawn were crossing the road. The two animals were struck, one through into the bushes, the other clip and left to struggle on three legs. Concerned for her young the doe hung around.

The first call to 911 went in and the Sheriff's deputies were on the lookout for a deer lingering around a wounded fawn near the highway. They didn't have a precise locations.

Then around 1 in the morning the second 911 call came in... us. Honestly we didn't know what to do exactly at the time. The doe could not control it's walk to move forward in any direction, and simply danced in circles uncontrollably when she tried to move. We didn't see the mother at first, she came around when her young squeeled for help. Within ten minutes of our call a young sheriff's deputy came around. To protect this person from any unintended criticism, we will not describe this individual. This person was caring, compassionate and although they did not want to have to kill an animal, they knew what their duty was. Allowing us to grant the animal a chance at life wasn't illegal, but this person made an offer for us to call the department at any time if need be to finish the animal if it was beyond saving. We know this offer was not in any way meant out of callousness or direspect towards the fawn but the opposite : respect for the quality of it's life.

Bella spent the night in our garage, sheltered and offered the best that we had for her food which was simply hay and water. She was quiet and did not move much.

As soon as dawn rose Bella was off to Greywolf Veterinary Hospital, which offers wildlife rehabilitation to injured animals.

Upon arrival the unfortunate truth was clear to Dr. Tyler... the fawn's injuries were beyond recovery. This deer would not walk again. She was humanely euthanised by Dr. Tyler and his staff. We are thankful for their service to the wildlife of the Olympic Peninsula : Wildlife rehabilitation is a service that is open to the public to bring in injured wildlife. (Please call ahead before showing up with any emergency please.)
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