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Avery & Beethoven

Beethoven & Avery

3-3-2014 - A loveable bunny pair up

Beethvoen.was abandoned by some foolish person towards the end of 2013 in Port Angeles, and came into the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society as a stray.

Avery came into our care much earlier, as a baby in a trio. Upon her spay, there were complications.... read below for her story.

Beethoven Bach
An OPHS bunny that needed surgical help!


Photos take on 12/11/2013 at our primary location

12/11/2013 - Beethoven was dumped somewhere in Port Angeles by some irresponsible person, he is clearly a people-bunny and loves interacting. He's very calm and doesn't growl or bite. He is a beautiful lop looking for a new home! The Olympic Peninsula Humane Society took him in but could not get the cyst on his back worked on. They asked us to take over his care and paid for his surgery at Sequim Animal Hospital.

On 12/16/2013 he went in for neuter and abscess removal. His neuter went fine, however the abscess wasn't removed well enough, and in a few weeks it returned. At this point we decided to take him to Greywolf Veterinary Hospital as they are our bunny healthy experts. On 1/31/2014 they succcessfully removed a very large abscess. After discounts were applied and many a fee waived for our chartitable efforts, our bill at Greywolf was 957.08.

3/3/2014 - In the middle of his bonding process with Avery...

5/6/2014 - Beethoven has been abscess free for several months now. What this means to you is that he is happy and healthy. He is ready to be adopted!

6/16/2014 - Beethoven has long since been happy with his partner and they get along well. They are a pementantly bonded couple.


A young, healthy girl who had health
complications with her spay surgery...


Avery came to us as part of a trio of baby bunnies on 5/22/2013. After many months she grew up into a very strong willed, spunky female rabbit.

At first she was fostered by Candice and a partner she had at the time. They had a great time and loved Avery and her two brothers.

Then Avery was fosterd by Summer who wanted to experience having an indoor bunny... Avery loved it. She had free, full roam of the house most of the day and even the cats gave way to her dominance of the kitchen.

Finally it was time for her spay and we took her to Northwest Spay & Neuter in Tacoma who as usual, do a wonderful job. However health comlpications happen... immediately upon returning Avery went into G.I. stasis which in common speak is "killer constipation." G.I. stasis is called the silent killer of rabbits because rabbits quietly stop eating and without seeing a vet, they die from having a completly stopped up gut and no nutrition or water in their system.

From our records : "A day after surgery Avery underwent G.I. Stasis and was taken in for emergency treatment with Greywolf Veterinary Hospital. She stayed in Dr. Mike Tyler's personal home while he watched her recover. Apparently she had a blood blister on her inside, this was determined with x-rays. She was kenneled for three days, had a catheter and metacam. It was a successful procedure and she stayed in the realm of the living. Thank you Dr. Tyler and all the wonderful people at Greywolf! Dr. Tyler also cut our bill in half... originally it would have been about 700.00. For the purpose of tracking costs, it is still listed at 700.00 in this table, we count Dr. Tyler's discount in the donation area. The actual, printed bill read 331.59 for the total. He basically waved all fees after the first 24 hours. They are awesome!"

Bringing a bunny in G.I. stasis back into normal health is relatively easy in most cases for vets, but with a bunny who still has stitches and is recovering from having organs removed... not so easy.

Avery's life saving medical procedures ran over seven hundred dollars. most of which was covered by one single patron of Greywolf Veterinary Hospital.

Since then Avery has been healthy, happy and bonded with Beethoven to make a pair.