Original photo and composition by "Neurovelho". The original photo and license may be viewed here.
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The New Era

01 On The Up And Up
02 Bizarre Trolls
03 The Feathered Serpent
04 Country Skunk
05 Revenge Of Andy Gil
06 Free Private Bradley Manning
07 DRB-1 Iz Da RoXXor
08 Wikileaks Flockin' Rocks!
09 Open The Gates
10 Sonia's 11 Week Crime Spree
11 Rotten Temper
12 St. Valentines 2010
13 Sukaberry Suhweet
14 4th Of July In December
15 Rock It All Night
16 White Tiger
17 Wyrd Blessings
18 Drunken Crunkenstein
19 St. Louis Infirmary 2010 Remix
19 12/20/2010
Healthy Insanity Dot Commandos
  1. SoundTrackLoops
  2. Peace At The Lab
  3. Tricky Dicky (Gipa Remix)
    Remixed by Gipa
    courtesy of MixgalaxyRecords.com*
  4. Incorrigible Noise
  5. Apostalific Rekkerding
  6. They Don't Control The Internet (Digital-Redux Remix)
  7. Tricky Dicky (Alexander Chereshnev Remix)
    Remixed by Alexander Chereshnev
  8. Spitfire (Molotov Cocktail)
    Remixed by Presse
  9. You Gotz To Chillout
  10. Sunagakure
  11. Operation Cast Lead
    Remixed by Kruzzial
  12. Conservative White Boy
    Remixed by Presse
  13. W.imp Numba W-One
  14. Tricky Dicky (Nuts Gives Power Remix)
    Remixed by Nuts Gives Power
  15. I'm Gonna Get You Sucka
  16. Sonia Takes A Mellow Stroll
  17. So How Much Is Your Soul Worth?
  18. Urban Pagan
    Remixed by Presse
  19. Cali Jeddak Wrekking Krewe
  20. Sound Satisfaction
  21. Conservative White Boy
    Remixed by Karma Cowboy (Feeble Project Mellow Remix)
  22. Army Of Bums (100% Homemade recording!)
  23. Tricky Dicky (Cubic Remix)
    Remixed by Cubic
    courtesy of MixgalaxyRecords.com*

It can be purchased here!

Other remixes of Tricky Dicky were organized by Mixgalaxy Records
but not released under their label.
Also appears on the CC album "Music For The Weird Clerk Fish"

Special thanks to Kruzzial in Spain for his interest in "Operation Cast Lead," excellent remix.
Another special thanks to Presse for his continued interest in all of my vocals!
And to all of CCmixter for their interest, recommends and remixes yet to come!

The Incomplete Orchestra is Copyright and Trademark 2010 Brandon K. Montoya All Rights Reserved
All Recordings Copyright 2010 Their Respective Producers All Rights Reserved

Photo by Jon Sullivan.
Public Domain.
Gravitywell Soundtracks 2009
  1. Shtompy 
  2. Campfire Story
  3. Dusty, Musty Warehouse
  4. Transfer
  5. Negotiation
  6. In Agreement
It can be purchased here.

Credit information here.
6 10/2009 $3

Picture from Public Domain
Edited by myself.
The Fifth Horseman "Maxi" single.

  1. The Fifth Horseman
  2. Bellydancing Fembots (Unfinished Preview)
  3. Cali Shaker
  4. Knowledge From Da Street
  5. If The Sun Is Out, The Day Is Good (Short Version)
  6. Final Irony (Vocal)
  7. Final Irony (Instrumental)

It can be purchased here.

Mental Anguish - posted: 11/01/09 18:27:51 Wickedly enjoyable, excellent production!

davefuglewicz - posted: 10/30/09 07:07:45 This mix is a lot of fun, very enjoyable to listen to. The production work is impeccable.

Credit information here.

7 10/2009 $1.50

Coming soon!

The official tracklisting is still in the making, but so far there are 11 songs in total, and 45 minutes of music.

Credit information here.

Want to be an associate producer on this movie? Credit is available for a contribution to the movie's making!
11+ 2010 TBD
Cover Some mixtapes are physical copies only. Please pay attention to product descriptions when ordering.
# of


Photos by EyOne
Creative Commons 3.0

Promotional Poster I am Displaying At Work

Mental Anguish Cover
Original Image
Wolfgang Beyer

Credit and license
Text styling by Brandon K. Montoya

David Fuglewicz Cover
Original Image
Wolfgang Beyer

Credit and license
Text styling by Brandon K. Montoya
Twelve - Available now!
Not available as a digital download.

Phyiscal copy only.

This album, customized for their locale, is also for sale from...

Official Tracklistings for my version of the mixtape.
  1. T.I.O. - The Fifth Horseman (6:08)
  2. T.I.O. - Dirty Floor (2:24)
  3. T.I.O. - The Lurker (Short Version) (2:47)
  4. T.I.O. - I Followed A Hippie Girl Into A Dark Alley (3:54)
  5. Dave Fuglewicz - "Random Explosions" (length: 2:38)
  6. T.I.O. - Cali Shaker (2:18)
  7. T.I.O. - Waiting Behind The 8 Ball (2:29)
  8. T.I.O. - Azimuth (3:28)
  9. T.I.O. - Captain Attackaphonia Buys Sonia A Drink (4:08)
  10. T.I.O. - Shtompy (2:38)
  11. Mental Anguish - Oubliette (3:40)
  12. T.I.O. - Mixed Confidence In The Bathroom (2:43)
  13. T.I.O. - Haunted Carousel (3:08)
  14. Mental Anguish - Illusion Grate (5:04)
  15. T.I.O. - The Last Weather Report (2:47)
  16. T.I.O. - Murder At The Movies (3:03)
  17. T.I.O. - Ao Toque da Campainha Cdala ft. voz of Nego Elias (4:38)
  18. T.I.O. - Transfer (7:48)
1 hour, 5 minutes and 41 seconds of music.

*These songs are not "random 12" songs.

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Only $5 USD payable through paypal.
Persons outside of the continental 48 US states will pay  $1.50 USD additional for shipping.

License Agreement For Participants

$5 USD


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Copyright 2009 Brandon K. Montoya unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.