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Free Loop Packs
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BPM # of loops
Army Of Bums - A remix pack for my "Army Of Bums" song. 100% home made noise loops!
58,343 kb
90 94
Tiger Power Tour Guitar - "Indie" guitar
14 randomish, passable loops. .wav format
They are properly timed and are ready to use!
11,082 KB
136.3 14
Amateur Police Scanner Talk
22 megabytes
My own voice, dry no filters. You can find police scanner audio all over the internet, I just put this together before I found the right sources. You can piece together you own descriptions of a car chase / suspect running on foot using my audio and then some heavy voice effects. There's vocals for individual people, males and females, groups and different car descriptions. Done all in one take so it may be sloppyish.
- 90
Free Loop Packs developed from OTR
These were culled from public domain
- for a BPM means there is no BPM.
BPM # of loops
Taiwan Old Time Radio 11-10-2009
Cut up Old Time Radio bits from a Taiwan show. Glitches vocals, sound effects and orchestral montages.
Includes the song "OTR CPR" demonstrating their use!

Original show is here.
- 47
Old Commercials
- 11
Macabre - The Midnight Horseman

Produced by the Far East Services of the United States Army. 104 vocal and orchestral pieces. Some loop. Some don't.
- 104
Beyond Midnite - Biotix Commercials - Grandpa's Headache Medicine Commercial - "Let Me See Your Face"

Vocal stabs, orchestra pieces and cut up commercials from an OTR piece. Caution with using Biotix material, I'm unsure if the name is in use or not.
Light's Out - Death Robbery - 31
Michael Shayne & Gillette "Push Push, Click Click" - "Case Of The Bayou Monster" loop pack
2,692 KB

52 vocal segments, orchestra stabs and orchestral montages pulled from this OTR piece. The "GIllette" name has been left out, but the audio files from their OTR commercial are there.

The original show can be found here on Archive.org
- 52
X Minus One -  "Shanghaied" loop pack
8,103 KB

163 loops, sound effects, vocal clips and orchestral pieces ripped from one episode of X Minus One.

X Minus One OTR on Archive.org
- 163
Copyright 2009 Brandon K. Montoya unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.