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This music is temporarily here, I do not own the rights to the vocals so these may disappear at any time. Instrumentals copyright 2009 Brandon K. Montoya..All Rights Reserved.
Original songs and lyrics are copyrighted by the artists and their labels. Their rights are reserved. All of them.
  1. 3rd Bass - Derelicts Of Dialect
  2. Dilated Peoples - Bullet Train
  3. DJ Vadim ft. Zion-I - Got To Rock
  4. EPMD - Blow
  5. Jurassic 5
  6. Kid N' Play - Rollin' With Kid N' Play
  7. MC Lyte - Paper Thin
  8. Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance
  9. Paula Abdul - Coldhearted
  10. Pink - Get The Party Started
  11. Queen Latifah - Princess Of The Posse
  12. Todd Terry All Stars - Weekend
  13. Uptown - Dope On Plastic
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Jurassic 5 - Freedom (2002)
The Incomplete Orchestra Remix (2010)


     It's annoying that so many good bands break up, but when the artists stay in the music industry it's not so bad. Problem is so many band break up lead to many musicians being driven out of the industry since they don't have the "right" flavor anymore.

     "Freedom" is one of the first few tracks on "Power In Numbers," Jurassic 5's third release. The lyrics are thoughtful, and since sampling the original song was tacky to build the bridge, I used an old time radio program. "Destination Freedom: Dark Explorers." An OTR series dedicated to black history.

     The sounds are from Sony! I got them on the Acid Pro 7.0 installation DVD, so if you want these loops, go buy Sony Acid Pro 7.0!

Jurassic 5's official website
Jurassic 5 on wikipedia

92.081 1-5-10

Dilated Peoples - Bullet Train (2003)
The Incomplete Orchestra Remix 2009


"Bullet Train" is not a song on any Dilated Peoples CD, except on CD single you can get exclusively from Japan.  This song is from a DJ Rhettmatic album, you can buy it here on CD Universe.

"Bullet Train" is one of my favorite Dilated Peoples songs, and I even copied (in a sense) the bridge that unites the verses in this piece. I first became aware of this group through Jurassic 5, and since then they have occupied my ears more than J5 has, but both are live for damn sure.

Dilated Peoples Official Website

Dilated Peoples on wikipedia

All the samples you hear are from Loopmasters.com. They are all demo loops, meaning if you register to their website you can download and play with these loops as well (non-commercially, until you buy the license.)
101 12-31-09

DJ Vadim Ft. Zion-I - "Got To Rock" (2009)
The Incomplete Orchestra Remix 2009


DJ Vadim is one of the few (commercial) hip hop artists who have opened up their material for use with a Creative Commons license, as such this is the only remix on this page that is guaranteed not to disappear!! You too can get these vocals, remix them and post them on your site without fear of being told to take it down... course you have to give Vadim and Zion-I credit for their work.

"Got To Rock" is from the album "You Can't Lurn Imaginashun." The lyrics were slightly tough to work with, there's no clean break from the main lyrics and the bridge, but I've had to deal with that recently as well. ("Blow" by EPMD)

DJ Vadim's official website
DJ Vadim on wikipedia

Zion-I official website
Zion-I on wikipedia

All the samples you hear are from Loopmasters.com. They are all demo loops, meaning if you register to their website you can download and play with these loops as well (non-commercially, until you buy the license.)
102 12-31-09

Todd Terry Project - Weekend (1995)
The Incomplete Orchestra Remix 2009
Fidget House Loopmasters Edition


Todd Terry aka Todd The God was also one of my early musical influences. I didn't know much about it, but like Uptown and a few others, I came to know him through the music I could get through personix. I've had the Weekend CD single for a while, and it's a good track. It's apparently a remake of a song by the same name by the band "Class Action." I had never heard of them until I researched the info for this post. No wikipedia entry on them at the moment... but I did find this review and MP3 of a remix of the original.

Todd Terry Project on wikipedia

All the samples you hear are from Loopmasters.com's "Fidget House" sample pack. It's a high quality House sample pack with elements of glitch and tech. It's mainly for house, but hip-hop styles are possible.

Although it is available, I have yet to buy the Todd Terry sample pack from Loopmasters, though the demo sounds are good. I was tempted to buy it to remix this song, but that's a little cheap.
123 12-31-09

EPMD - Blow (2008)
The Incomplete Orchestra Remix (2009)


     EPMD is one of the longest running rap acts out there, and has been my favorite since I first heard them in the 1980s. I was going to remix "You Gotz To Chill" first, but this one moved beyond it so I did it instead.

     Some bands lose their flavor as they get older, EPMD has not. Definitely check out their old AND new albums.

EPMD on MySpace

EPMD on Wikipedia.

     This song contains loops from Nova Loops's free song loop pack. You get these loops free when you sign up for their newsletter! Platinum membership is only $10 a month and you get a free loop pack every month with that!
94.01 12/26/09

Paula Abdul - Coldhearted (1988)
The Incomplete Orchestra Remix (2009)


     There's a story behind the image above; it's Paula's costume from the set of the video for this song. During the late 1980s her sexy attire was actually controversial, especially when she played jungle gym into it.... it's hard to describe, go hunt it up on YouTube!

     I will never forget my history teacher saying there was nothing controversial about a woman in leotards dancing sexually... "I like it!" He wasn't quite that uncouth but it was memorable...

Paula Abdul's Website .
Paula Abdul on MySpace

Paula Abdul on Wikipedia.

     This song contains loops from Nova Loops's "Black Eyed Energy Vol 2." loop pack. You can get free samples from their site if you sign up for their newsletter! Platinum membership is only $10 a month and you get a free loop pack every month with that!
124.59 12/26/09

Pink - Get The Party Started (2001)
The Incomplete Orchestra Remix (2009)


     Who doesn't know Pink? She started off as the HIp-Hop / R&B singer everyone thought was black until they saw her white face... then she got down with her own actual musical soul and here she is, doing her own thing.

Pink's Page. Pink's official website.
Pink's Official YouTube Account.

Pink on Wikipedia.

     This song contains loops from Inspiration Sounds / Producer Loops. You can get free samples from ProducerLoops.com as well as check out samples from other suppliers. Inspiration Sounds loop packs are a good choice!
128.9 12/25/09

Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance (1989)
The Incomplete Orchestra Remix (2009)


     Neneh Cherry was wildly popular with her classic "Buffalo Stance" in 1989. This was during the switch over from white pop songs to black / urban music as well as the switch between mostly accoustic music and music made with sampling. (Hard to explain something I lived so long ago....)

Neneh Cherry website. Neneh plans a new album in the next year.

Neneh Cherry on Wikipedia.

     This song contains loops from Sample Magic. Fun stuff, check them out and get some free samples. (Sample Magix is not associated with this remix)
107.2 12/18/09

MC Lyte - Paper Thin (1988)
The Incomplete Orchestra Remix (2009)


     MC Lyte was one of the groundbreaking female emcees, who predated Queen Latifah by a few years. While Latifah is more prominent, MC Lyte is an act more than worth checking out.

     This song is from her first album, "Lyte As A Rock," whichis full of HIp Hop classics such as "Cha, Cha, Cha."

Album cover for "Lyte As A Rock"

MC Lyte's official website. She has a new song and a new label! "Rockin With The Best."

MC Lyte on Wikipedia.

     This song contains drum loops from Sample Science (available free from rekkerd.org), one "Speak & Spell" sample from Sonic Couture (also free, but with registration) and bass samples from Sample Giant.
104.3 11/27/09

Queen Latifah
Princess Of The Posse (1988)

The Incomplete Orchestra PLP Newsletter Remix (2009)


     Most people know who Queen Latifah is, she's been in tons of movies, TV shows and all over TV. This is not her first song in hip hop, that was with a group called "Ladies Fresh." This is however, the single that launched her career. It's from the album "All Hail The Queen" (1988) which is pure old school female rap vocals. If you've never heard it, head over to any CD store, on-line or off and find it! If you love female rap vocalists you can't sleep on that album.

"All Hail The Queen."

     She's a beautiful woman and a talented Persona, which is by the way, the name of her new album, "Persona," on sale now.

Queen Latifah's official website

Queen Latifah biography
the Queen on wikipedia

      Since my remixes are turning into a Loop Producer expose pool, I decided to cover Peave Love Productions but the reggateon pack I had wasn't the right BPM for this song. So I used various loops from three free PLP packs I got from joining the newsletter.

     Peace Love Productions has no association with Healthy Insanity or this remix. It is simply named for tte loops used, I plan to remix this song again with "true" reggae / dub beats at some other time, so I needed a name other than "The Incomplete Orchestra Remix,"
83.4 11/24/09

Uptown - Dope On Plastic (1989)
The Incomplete Orchestra Remix (2009)


     You have to really know old school hip hop to know Uptown. He had a hit, but disappeared almost immediately afterward. I seem to be the only one who remember Uptown as part of a group named the "Party Posse" though. Uptown also did a rhyme with Branford Marsalis' band "Buckshot LeFonque."

     If you like the sounds you hear in the instrumentals, you want to stop by Soundtrack Loops and pick up "Electronic Street."

You can check out the album here, it's no longer in print.

Lyrics song / Copyright 1989 Uptown
105.3 11/20/09

Kid N' Play - Rollin' With Kid N' Play (1988)
The Incomplete Orchestra Remix (2009)

5,103 kb

     One of the popular rap groups when I was groing up was Kid N' Play. They had an awesome sound and are still one of my favorite bands for that "fun" sound. Nothing serious like NWA, just light, bouncy lyrics. Check out the videos if you can find them, these guys loved to put on a show dance wise.

     This song is from the album "2 Hype." (1988)

     If you like the loops you hear, it's the free pack from FatLoud.com, "After Hours." Check the links page for a review.

Kid N' Play On Amazon.com

Kid N' Play - Official Website

Kid N Play on Wikipedia.

Lyrics / song copyright 2009 Kid N' Play
11/17/09 99.7

3rd Bass - Derelicts Of Dialect (1991)
The Incomplete Orchestra Remix (2009)

     As I've said before, 3rd Bass is one of my earliest, heaviest musical influences. To this day I still own my wax records from these guys. If you like my mix, please support the originals. The above picture is the album cover from which this song comes from.

     Like the loops you hear? It's exclusively Prime Loops sound! Check out my links page for a review of Ambient Funk which you can buy from them. The drum beats are from Breakbeat Electronica, a Prime Loops free pack I'll leave you to find.

3rd Bass On Wikipedia

Def Jam - 3rd Bass's label.

Buy 3rd Bass albums on Amazon.com.
Related Albums on Amazon
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MC Serch - Return Of The Product
Many Young Lives Ago The 1994 Sessions on Emusic.com

Official Links:
MC Serch's personal blog
Sam Sever's personal blog

Other Links
The (Un)Official Third Bass Fansite
 - Features a discography as well as links to rare mixes you can't find on Amazon and other for sale sites.

Purchase the originals! It's a sound you can't get out of your ears. A virtual unknown except to those who have known hip hop a long time. 3rd Bass is a must listen for any who head nod.

The song "Derelicts Of Dialect" is licensed/owned by Def Jam.
I only hold the copyright on the instrumentals, not the vocals.

This is not endorsed by Def Jam or Prime Loops.

96.7 11/7/09
Copyright 2009 Brandon K. Montoya unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.