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This music is temporarily here, free to download for personal listening. All Rights Reserved. No resale or broadcast.
BPM Completted
Rotcod Zzaj - "Clues In The Rhythm"
T.I.O.'s Drums In The Remix


Track Madness submission

This is part of a remix competition / mixtape I'm trying to participate in, stop by and check it out, it's free to try out! So because of this, I'm on a new network. This is a light jazz song, remixed to be breakbeat-ier
120.5 12/9/09
Czar Bars With Cosmo Filaments
(Short Preview Version)

Features loops exclusively from Soundtrack Loops' "Electronic Street" pack.
110 11/25/09
By Doing This He Too Shall Become Dubmortal
(Untuned Bass Preview Version)

Feautres loops from Dubmatix, a musician as well as a loop producer.
72 11/22/09
A Little Sidebar
(Short Preview version)

Features loops from "Wall Of Vinyl (1)" and "Jazz Quartet" from Big Fish Audio. These loops came together quickly and sounded nice! From "The Seeds Of Azimuth's Reign OST" due out next year.

This is meant to "simulate" an eratic, off topic conversation that mutates quickly.

This download is temporarily up until the finished project comes on-line.
94.5 11/13/09
Free Music On This Site
This music is always here, free to download for personal listening. All Rights Reserved. No resale or broadcast.
BPM Completed
Everything AND The Kitchen Sink

An inventive little mix I put together. I wanted to fill some space, and I was using a little bit of everything. You know, "everything but the kitchen sink." So I looked up some sink sounds on TheFreeSoundProject and centered the mix theme around these great water sounds.

TheFreeSoundProject Credits:

Number39: Crazy Kitchen Sink
Walter: Odington: Kitchen Sink 1
mwhitcomb83: Kitchen Sink Faucet1
mwhitcomb83: Water Down Kitchen Sink1
Sampleconstruct: Kitchensink_freesound
RoninMastaFX: Kitchen-Sink-Drain
100 12/23/10
I Keel You

I've been wanting to play around with some "stolen" commercial samples for a while and the boys over at SoundFx.Dk gave me the chance to do just that.

This is the current, unofficial theme song for this site.

The zip includes the instrumental.
110 12/25/09
Coruscate The Demogogue

Since Loopmasters only let you use their demos for non-commercial purposes, I figured I was going to take some time off and whack out one using them. Since I'm switching from Magix to Sony Acid software, now is the time.

Uses one loop from C Goff III Guest Artist (And that could get you more dollars). The rest was made with loops from Loopmasters.com including loops from Discovery Sound.
128 12/8/09
Drunk Ocelot

My first song posted to MakeTunes. It contains one loop from Tapegerm.com's guest artist Michael Cosma, the rest were generously provided to MakeTunes by Loopmasters.com as part of their sponsorship for the site. There are about 200 megabytes of stuff there, and if you are reading this before the end of December, 2009 there's still time for you to enter in a site contest. Stop by here for details on that.

This song has been mixed behind "Knowledge From Da Street" to form the song "Homeless Man Megamix."
140 12/1/09
Tapegerm Debut

My first song post to my Tapegerm account on that site. It's a good mix and uses some interesting samples I made from the AT&T text to speech website.

If you listened to this song on Tapegerm, this version isn't changed, I just got all the glitches out of it.

Comments this mix has received:

davefuglewicz - posted: 08/31/09 19:32:41 Welcome to Tapegerm! The TG Debut mix is a very interesting integration of seemingly unrelated loopage. But you make it work seamlessly. Very nice indeed.

Mental Anguish - posted: 08/31/09 09:05:39 Nice debut enjoying it! Welcome to Tapegerm & look forward to more mixes tapegerm oriented in the future from you.

120 11/29/09
Todd Influenza
Loopmasters 9-30-09 Contest Entry

A contest entry for one of Loopmasters.com 's regular contests. Named for one of my favorite old school producers, Todd Terry. Loopmasters has a loop pack for him. Check it out.
130 9/9/09
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